what should a newbie expect

Started by Hipster_Doofus, Sep 12, 2003, 10:43 am

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I really dug their song on the bonnaroo soundtrack, I liked it so much that I bought tennesse fire and then at dawn. I'm goin to see them on Sunday and I'm just wondering what to expect. I havent paid or been excited to see a non- jamband for years. Do they play 2 sets, or just a real long one?

peanut butter puddin surprise

One long set, unless they've changed since the new record has come out.

Usually, when they headline, the set is 2 plus hours, a few Jim acoustic numbers, and total balls out rawkin' all the way around.

Be prepared to pump your fist in the air... 8)
Runnin' from somethin' that isn't there