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It Still Moves

Started by DJ Poops, Sep 08, 2003, 08:46 am

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DJ Poops the album in my hands on Friday. Listened to it all weekend...and it is awesome...but I gotta say that I don't like the fact that it sounds too polished. I miss the rawness of T.Fire and At Dawn. The songwriting has stepped up a knotch or three...but I yearn for the feel of the previous 2 records. I can't wait to see them live though. Just thought I would voice an opinion.


I got the new album yesterday, and I think it's the best so far. Its more heavy than the last two.

Its in my top 10 of the year so far.

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Saw in the liner notes a thanks to Riny. Thanks from us too. You do a great job.


In the liner notes I saw a thank you to John Conaway!

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Yeah, way to go John and Riny!  You guys really are the best.  Feel the love.


That´s SO cool, John... I´m jealous, you know that?  ;)
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Looks like I read through it a little too fast, we apparently have two celebrities. Congrats to you as well do a fantabulous job as well.


And don't think I didn't notice your name in there as well Danilove....hope all is well in Cheeseland.


Went to the Ben Kweller show at 930. Went to the Doves show at 930. Became a fan.

New album.........amazing.


MMJ still moves me.

I love the new record.  I hope they get the fame and fortune they deserve.  Long live the jacket!
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QuoteIts more heavy than the last two.


wow, i musta missed somehting.  i thought it was totally toned down and quiet.  it could almost be a country album....but it DOES have a rock edge.

i like the production value.  i would like to hear the last albums with that kind of production.  the horns are great.  the lyrics are some of the best yet.  but didnt seem to have the punch of the last albums.  but i must say golden is a GREAT song.

of course i dont listen to their music a lot on album unless its live bootlegs.  (danny, dont sic the rca boys on me!!)  i just prefer seeing them live to listening to them.  their albums are good, but the live shows are GREAT!


Not related to the above thread, but I was listening to the album and thought that 'Dancefloors' reminds me of something by The Band.  Not sure why yet, but I'll get it eventually.

( I don't mean it sounds like they are covering a Band song, it just made me think of The Band and I think they (The Band) could have produced a track like that. Does any of this make sense to anyone but me?.Ho hum)
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.......................and I also think that when you see the band live it changes what you've heard on cd.
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Rest easy out there.
No more thoughts today ;)
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QuoteNot related to the above thread, but I was listening to the album and thought that 'Dancefloors' reminds me of something by The Band.  Not sure why yet, but I'll get it eventually.

totally agree with you greggy... and this scandinavian reviewer seems to think so too (I think)

"Att inte fler Feber-män - och personer som tyckte musikhistorien på något sätt dog lite när The Band gav sin avskedsföreställning »The Last Waltz« - ännu inte upptäckt bandet är svårt att begripa.

Men kanske de äntligen fattar om de får höra »Dancefloors« från My Morning Jackets tredje fullängdare, återigen inspelad och självproducerad i egna studion Above The Cadillac Studio i Shelbyville, Kentucky.

»Dancefloors« är verkligen The Band spot on. Inte svårt att se bilden av Levon Helm sjungandes bakom sina trummor när man hört låten eller tänka sig att My Morning Jacket skrev den som en sen dedikation till Richard Manuel och Rick Danko, de två Band-medlemmar som inte längre finns med oss."