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Started by lfish, Sep 15, 2003, 01:06 pm

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Now I must say I find this a good site where you can check which work of an artist is worth listening at. You can find there practically every group in the universe with some bio-, discography and album reviews.  But now, I must say that I am extremely dissapointed in the rating of the album "it still moves".  While the review is extremely positive, the album only receives three out of five stars while the tennessee fire received four stars and at dawn four and a half. Now, for many people that may seem less important but for me it isn't. is a wellknown site amongst musiclovers. So when someone looks for the jacket on allmusic they will notice that it still moves isn't as great as at dawn. Is this a justified opinion? It still moves is a strong and powerfull album where mmj tries to explore new horizons and can easily be placed next to the tennessee fire or at dawn.  Maybe this album is even better than the other two. So why three out of five???? Am I just blinded by my love for this band or is this album really less good than the other two. Or maybe it's just a stupid jounalist who didn't listen enough to this album to really discover the beauty in it?


I think it's choice three.

There isn't a bad song on it. And how about the ease of listening to it...I have listened from start to finish quite a few times already...not skipping around too much. I rarely have the patience to make it through a whole album...but not this one.  I give it all 5 stars.


Otter, I've got to agree.
I get impatient with albums and there's almost always at least one song to skip, but I listen to It Still Moves all the way through, every time.  


First - let me say that I LOVE "It Still Moves." But I can see how a critic would see it as less "cool" than the other two records. It's more rockin', and more production went into it. It doesn't seem as "artsy cool" as the other two... Until you really listen to it. Critics just don't have the time to really absord a record. Whoever gave it three stars then, probably gives it 4 or 5 now. - I would hope. It deserves 4 or 5 stars. But who cares? We give it 5 stars!
You came around when I needed you, now I'm up to my neck in you.


from reading the review, you'd think it's gonna be 4 stars at least. the rating and the review just doesn't match, very misleading, imo. if people go by the number of stars and not read the review, it's their loss.

as long as we like it, that's all that matters.



i think that the people at allmusic hasn't yet decided what they'll give "it still moves"... i've seen a few times on other artist that their ratings have changed, so hopefully they'll change the ratings for this album too. god knows it's worthy of more. and just as you guys said, the review is written for an album worth at least 4! it pisses me of as well, i don't know why...


thx for being not the only one feeling this way