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Midwest Shows

Started by danilove, May 05, 2003, 08:58 pm

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Hola all!!!
Just curious  ::)...Are any of y'all hittin' the midwest shows, namely Chicago, Milwaukee, and/or Minneapolis? If so, lemme know and we'll get together yo!

I'm gonna do my best to make 'em all and bring my ten coolest friends; however, we'll have to wait and see... I'm in over my head with work and school right now, which is all the more reason I should just say fuck it and go (which is more than likely what will happen anyway).

Yes. That is all. ROCK ON! And long live the JACKET!!!!!  8)


peanut butter puddin surprise

Hey Dani
Perhaps a trip to Chicago on May 14 is in order...hell, it's only 4 hours from Indy, so.....I'll let you know.

It was totally fantastic meeting you in person!

Runnin' from somethin' that isn't there


Indy for sure, but I don't know if I'd be able to make it up to Chicago for the next day.  Hey, you never know. Maybe I'll just go ahead and take that Friday off as well and make a long weekend of it! :o

peanut butter puddin surprise

hey, I posted that without thinking...sorry!

now that I think about it...

Hey Jackson,
My friend Holly (Dave-O, the sound guy's significant O) may come up with us.  Let's all drive together, that would be fun.  Lots of beer, of course...and I can get some live MMJ from this guy I know...(we'll make Susan drive..hee hee)
Runnin' from somethin' that isn't there


I will be at the Minneapolis show!


I am buying pizza for anyone on this website before the Shelter show in Detroit whether I know them or not. We will be at Pizza Papalis in Greektown (two blocks from the venue)if anyone wants some of Michigan's only (worthy) deep dish pizza. Beer and pizza before the show..anyone????


Dear Otter, I will be attending the Detroit show (at least), and while work won't allow anything before the event begins to take part in, I would like to have a beer or somethin if you care to at the Shelter, FO SHO...

Gene Offcourse
The Last Bastards
Gangs and Government are no makes me one percent..


Hey The Brainy!
Wanna meet up in Minneapolis? I may be going to that show with myself (not sure yet); I still workin' on my roomate  ;)

Lemme know!


Sure we could meet up danilove.  I am going by myself too since my friends are a little oblivious to MMJ.  Give me a reply and we could go from there!

cheddah frank

Detroit and Pizza papolis,  that shit is swill,  I would meet but not for the gut wrenching slop.  How about Hockeytown?


Well Cheddah Frank and thelastbastard, You guys have both made it easy on my budget. One of you can't make it for pizza, and the other wouldn't eat it if you could. I'm still interested to meet up to hear why you think pizza papalis is "swill", but we are already committed to meeting some others there before the show, if you want to come for a beer or at the show....I usually wear my Pepsi hat..come say hi

cheddah frank

Well Otter let me guess you are comming into town for the show...  Is that correct?  I would lay money on it because all the tourists think that is the the only good pizza in Detroit.  Well I say to you come spend the 40.00 for the pizza and spend twice that  on beer and my son and I will thank you for the taxes you spend,  are ya staying the night too? You frickin out of towners kill me.


Cheddah Frank. are we on the same page here. This was intended to be a friendly meeting amongst MMJ fans who are going to similar shows. I'm sorry that the pizza place that we meet at in Detroit does not suit your liking. I am not sure..what your intention is...because I'm not from Detroit I shouldn't go? Or do you want to pick where we go?Might just leave my Pepsi hat home.

cheddah frank

Hey Otter all I was saying is that PizzaPapalis is a tourist attraction and please do come spend all your money here in "the BIG town"  our schools could use it.  Now my turn to question you,  I am taking your comment of "Do you want to pick where we meet" as a threat Is that what it is? Cause I will tell I will be representing here if that is the case.  At this point I think I could spot ya with ot without the pepsi lid.  Tell me sticks are ya goin to be wearing the bibs?


Now boys... :-/
No offense, but if y'all are gonna pick at one another, please make a point of doin' it off the boards. We're all friends here and, speaking for the majority and most likely the band, there's no place for personal attacks on this board. It's about the music yo. Let's keep it real, huh?

Thanks. Peace. and Love.

cheddah frank

You  are so correct I just took offense.  My appoligies to the board and band.  guess there is someone that will always try to give you grief to make their day better.  I am just hoping the Detroit show will rock,  been a while since I have seen this band. Peace


Sounds like someone needs a hug.