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The Middle East show

Started by TItus, May 04, 2003, 11:06 AM

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What was the setlist for this aMAYzing show. I was totally blown away by this, my first MMJ concert. I especially enjoyed the songs I hadn't heard before, and would like to know their names. Any help out there?


I was pretty drunk, but, I'm pretty sure that the 2nd song was Lowdown. They played Heartbreakin Man, The way that he sings, Jim played Bermuda Highway, and I think they finished with Phone Went West.  Obviously I missed a couple, but those are the ones I remember. :-/


My ears are still ringing!  That show was f-ing loud man.


i got the setlist, so heres what it says verbatem: Dance-floors, lowdown, dark, one big hoe, i will sing ya, bear, evelynight - md, just one, heartfakin, way he swings - md, mahgeetha - md, steam, Jim all alone, O, Phone.

obviously, the actual names of some of the songs are different than what is written on the set list, and i will assume that you all can figure them out.

PS, another great show by the jacket, can't wait to see them at field day fest.