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Birdy's, Indianapolis

Started by johnconaway, Apr 21, 2003, 12:10 pm

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peanut butter puddin surprise

Sooooooooo, anyone going to this show w/Burning Brides?

If you have doubts, Burning Brides rawk!  They are totally awesome.  Kinda White Stripes meets Foo Fighters meets Mooney Suzuki, polished yet rough, raw yet developed, the lyrics go down like a shot of Jagermeister...

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But john...Jagermeister makes me wanna vomit!!  

I do enjoy Knob Creek though.

peanut butter puddin surprise

Runnin' from somethin' that isn't there


looking more and more each day like i will go to this show, fo sure. any way to avoid using ticketmaster that you're aware of?
i've never been to birdy's actually--think i could risk driving up and purchasing tickets at the door? don't know how big that place is, but if it's as small as the patio was last time i'll have to suck up the ticketmaster surcharge i suppose. it's so very convenient to be charged extra...


Always brings a smile to me face to see the board graced by the sweet bishop.  

What say ye, love?  Stories from abroad?  Adventures in knee-high socks?  Pray tell...

peanut butter puddin surprise

Sorry to say this, but you might have to bite the Ticketmeister bullet for this show....Birdy's is pretty small, but it could sell out quick.

If you've ever been to Headliner's, it's roughly the same size...has a balcony and all.  I saw The Strokes there in 2001, and it was probably over its capacity that night.

Also, be advised that Birdy's is waaaaaaaaay over on the Northeast side of the city.  Just an FYI...

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I do thank you Mr. Conway and I'll probably be seein' ya there. Or as Snoop would say LBC'n ya 'cept this time it'll be Naptown holla. hot damn that was stupid...Anyway MMJ is worth the extra $6.

TOOF! I just got back from 2 weeks out west. Vegas, Tahoe, LA--there are few things as isolating as driving north to south through the Nevada desert. I actually felt fortunate to have my transmission blow on the 101 freeway at 5:30pm in downtown LA vs. in the middle of the rolling hills/mountains of sand & rock in Nevada.

Now come on up and get yourself a little Hoosier hospitality my friend. Granny fixes a fine batch of deviled eggs...


Damn, woman.  How you tempt me.  I love me some deviled eggs.

peanut butter puddin surprise

Man, sure got that right..I do love some deviled eggs! :)
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I'm going. Birdy's is off Keystone Ave. near Sakura's if anyone wants to know.

Contact in Indy is buying my tickets.

peanut butter puddin surprise

hey, you wanna drive up with me and susan and possibly another friend of ours?  let me know...
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I'm heading out after work and I got a car load of peeps myself. PLUS we're going to camp out in the area so we need a bunch of gear.  Thanks though!  I'm sure I'll see you there!


Alright, since I missed the entire set in Louisville, I'm going to Indy.  Johnny said something last night about them playing at the Southgate house in a couple of weeks, and if that one materializes I'll probably go to that one also.  If only some of these regional shows were on the weekend!

peanut butter puddin surprise


Huge shout outs to Jackson, Blue, Funniesaru, Willow, T.J., Holly, Dave, and anyone else who made the cruise from Da Ville to Indy to see an incredible show by MMJ.  Man, what a fuckin' blast!  

This had all the classic elements:

1.  Superb sound.

2.  Great openers in BB and Detachment Kit.  

3.  Mid sized crowd, good venue.

4.  Cold New Castle beer.

5.  Did I say superb sound?

6.  Dance Floors.  What a fuckin' tune!

It was a great time.  The drive back at 2 a.m. was a rainy, windows down affair...thank goodness I took the day off today.  Ahhhh......

What a friggin' good time!
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great show....
The crowd was really into it....the new songs sounded great. I was pleased all around.



Anyway, that drive back sucked, got in at 4 am.

My neck is so sore from thrashing around. Good show.

CC Baxter

check the gallery. we have some birdy shots

peanut butter puddin surprise

Hey Colette-
What a show!  You guys were just a-rockin' up there by the stage...I think my ears are still ringing.

Yes the drive was sucky, but meh, it was worth it!

Great photos...were they taken by Linda?
Runnin' from somethin' that isn't there

Big D

PS the Burning Brides fans.  They are a capable band w/ a nice big sound and some cool players ( not the lease of which is their hot little bass player ). BUT...
The folks that are coming for the Burning Brides gig and who haven't already been converted to die hard MMJ fans simply aren't listening.  Apples to Oranges. This opener is a mis-match as far as I'm concerned.  Believe me on this.. 10 years from now no one will remmber who the Burning Brides are - MMJ will certainly secure a place in rock history.


:P The show at Birdy's was amazing.  The sound was great and the guys were as gorgeous as ever.  Good thing Im related to two of them!  ;D