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Started by O, May 05, 2003, 12:59 pm

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I wish I was a Radiohead-fan. Their next album (Hail to the Thief) is also set for July, or something like that, and there are already demo tracks and unmixed versions and stuff like that spread around the net. Why can't we have someone sneak inside the studio, to steal some It Still Moves-tracks for us? I mean, I like Radiohead, but not that much that I can't wait for their next album. But just to hear some demos or something from It Still Moves... I'd buy it anyway. So, if the guys that guard the studio should read this, do us a favor, would you?  ;)
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Only thing guarding the studio is a couple of ornery ol' bulls, a few pesky heifers, and a possessed John Deere tractor.

QuoteSo, if the guys that guard the studio should read this, do us a favor, would you?  ;)

Just a Heartbreakin' Man, doing a Victory Dance with Shaky Knees, along a Bermuda Highway

peanut butter puddin surprise

while I too could savor the taste of something new from the proverbial kitchen, perhaps we should wait until chef declares the meal complete?  I mean, we don't wanna piss off the cooks, eh?  :)

but back to radiohead:  O, do you like OK computer or Kid A?  or what do you like that's radiohead?  
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I know everyone claims "OK Computer" is their masterpiece, but really "The Bends" is my all-time fave, by a mile. Kid A, and Amnesiac have a few solid tunes, but you can't beat classics like "The Bends", "Fake Plastic Trees", "My Iron Lung", & "Street Spirit". If you haven't checked out that album, it's a must!


Ok Computer is, hands down, the best.  Every time I put that album on, I crap my pants in awe.

Kid A blew my mind.  Outstanding album.


I kinda liked OK Computer, but Kid A and Amnesiac totally hit me. Anything prior to OK Computer is boring to me, OK Computer has its fine moments, but that style move they made finally made me really interested. Those weird computer sounds, the experiments, and yet all so poppy in a strange way... Yeah, those two albums are the best they made. And yesterday I heard some tracks from `Hail to the thief´, and that one will be fantastic as well. That opening tracks is delicious.
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'Hail to the Theif' is fantastic but apparently the one that is out not is not anywhere near what the final mix would will sound like.

From what i've been told 'It Still Moves' is completed but i'm glad it hasn't been leaked yet although i'm sure it will be. There's rarely a new album that isn't out at least afew weeks early.



Amnesiac has glimpses of The Bends *which is in my view the best*.  Kid A was trying too hard ~ not convinced on that one.  OK Computer ~ take away one word and you've got it.
See what they come up with now.
Incidentally ~ love UNKLE. DJ Shad is the kewlest.

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Three bands that I think can do no wrong:

My favorite is whatever is spinning at the time.

bad bad leroy brown

Hmm... Kid A is my favorite.

And the guy at Ear X-Tacy gave me a nifty bumper sticker to remember the release date of the new album...


just my humble opinion but overall kid a and amnesiac kinda suck.  they really didnt take electronic music anywhere it hadnt been before and in fact they were both quite boring albums.  my kind of electronic music is primal scream, or air, or new order.  specifically older new order but the newer stuff is good, just not AS good.

however, i must say ok computer ranks up there among the most classic albums of all time.  so does the bends.  any band that can put two albums of that magnatude back to back deserve all the props in the world.  i look forward to hail to the thief though.  i hope they return to doing what they do best.


new radiohead comes out tomorrow.
all hail to the new cd.


Also out today:  new Grandaddy!


Damn, I knew I would forget one.  I also picked up 'True Love Waits' Christopher O'Riley plays radiohead.  15 songs, solo piano.  I really like the radiohead cd.  How is the grandaddy?


I wish I knew!  I am too poor to buy all the albums I need.  but Friday is payday!


i think the bends is the best album
but radiohead has different ways of touching people
it is truly amazing

you guys should check one of my favorite bands new site and new album