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Started by dragonboy, Sep 01, 2006, 06:22 AM

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You should definitely watch The Bear.

Love and Death too if you haven't seen.

It's crazy how many good shows there are right now!


Just finished BEEF

What a crazy show with some good lessons weaved in.

I wonder if they will do another season... they probably should.


Quote from: LBSUNFLWR on Jul 10, 2023, 10:08 PMYou should definitely watch The Bear.

Love and Death too if you haven't seen.

It's crazy how many good shows there are right now!

I'm four episodes in to The Bear.  It's really good, and I also recommend.


We started watching The Bear about a week ago.  We are already about halfway thru season 2!!!  Echo everyone who says it is a great show!!!  So freaking intense!

Shrinking is absolutely fabulous!  Harrison Freaking Ford!!!  We flew thru that one as well.  Great to hear it was renewed!

Watching Hijack now as well.  It is really good as well!


Just finished Never Have I Ever, great series, good ending!

Finished Star Trek Strange New Worlds s2, absolutely loved it!

Started Our Flag Means Death, been wanting to for some time now and it is pretty damn funny, even better than I expected.

Reservation Dogs final season, it has one of the most important and heartbreaking episodes yet.  Really looking forward to seeing what happens.

I'm going to get to the Bear shortly.  They should have put the MMJ song in there :D


Finally got to see Our Flag Means Death, been meaning to since it came out and it did not disappoint. I thoroughly loved it!!!

Our Flag Means Death is 2022's most bingeable comedy — and love story


I finished Reservation Dogs.  So great, and a bittersweet feeling that it is over now.  Such an important show IMO!


Just read that the Bear was renewed!

Jackets N Pones

Let's goooooooooo! Need some MMJ in S3! Also now I always refer to my cousins as "cousin" instead of their names
Here it is, in its entirety, our cover of ELO's Telephone Wire


Reservation Dogs was great. We loved it and were sad to see it end.

We are liking Somebody Somewhere now. Not life altering but good.

We are also watching The Queens Gambit. I never wanted to watch bc I thought it was about Royals and I am not into any of that. I really like it so far. I know I'm late.

Murder In Boston on HBO is good too so far.


Finished A Murder at the End of the World and it was really good!!!


Blue Beetle was quite fun.  DC has been hit or miss but I really enjoyed that one.

Hopefully the upcoming reboot of that universe will be good.