What Movie Did You Just See?

Started by wellfleet, Dec 21, 2005, 12:55 PM

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Yankee Zulu

-still one of my favorite movies!!!


The Devil's Rejects.Awesome flick if you like this kinda stuff.
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Movies I saw over the Xmas holiday:

Office Space - Good but not as funny as I had hoped as I love King of The Hill (the movie is directed by Mike Judge)
Motorcycle Diaries - Beautiful but made me sad because I can't travel like I used to anymore...
Love Actually - Have seen it before & don't like it much but my wife wanted an Xmas movie (she loved it!)
Robin Hood - Disney version from 1973
God will forgive them. He'll forgive them and allow them into Heaven.....I can't live with that.


ok, i gotta say i love Love Actually. my hubby and i did the long-distance thing for many years before we were married so the scenes in the airport just killed me. i started bawling 30 seconds into the movie. but i think it's so sweet. i'm not big on romanic comedies at all, i can't stand meg ryan, but this movie has so much heart, and it's british, so it's not completely cheesball. my husband needs to see it, if he doesn't love it, he doesn't love ME!! no, that's not true...
we finally saw eternal sunshine of the spotless mind and that made me so sad... but it was wonderful. how come jim carrey doesn't have an oscar yet? i can think of 3 or 4 movies where his performance was remarkable... anyone with me here?
everything sucks. really.


Yer like I said, my wife loved it & so do my sisters.
I like romantic movies & have no problem crying if a film moves me; Amelie for example still makes me cry everytime I watch it.
I like it to be done subtlely though & I think the writers of Love Actually were trying too hard to pull at our heart-strings.
Some of the stories were good but some were too silly or far-fetched which made the serious stories hard to swallow.
But what the heck, it's supposed to be a fun Xmas movie, right? I guess it just didn't work for me...

I know what you mean about Heathrow Airport - those scenes made me miss my family so much.
I used to think my favourite journey was the boat ride I took at dawn from mainland Thailand to Ko-Samui many years back.
I realise now that my parents have moved to Spain it was the car journey I always used to take with my Dad from Heathrow Airport to my home town of Reading knowing that my Mum, 2 sisters & mates will all be waiting for me when I get there.
Christmas is a bitch if you can't be with your loved ones...
God will forgive them. He'll forgive them and allow them into Heaven.....I can't live with that.


Andy Warhol's HEAT.........oh my gawd.......beyond hilarious.
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Munich. The filmmakers did a great job not keeping the story one sided. Killing begets killing. See it.


Woody Allen's Match Point.  A departure for a typically comedic film maker.  Interesting, dialogue problems at times, but still decent.
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Big Fish

Wonderful movie and i really enjoyed pearl jam at the end!!


Dark Days

amazing. surreal. hilarious. sad.



one of the most entertaining samurai movies ever.
funny as hell too.


QuoteDark Days

amazing. surreal. hilarious. sad.

Everyone should see this movie!
God will forgive them. He'll forgive them and allow them into Heaven.....I can't live with that.

ben grimm

'Dear Wendy' an odd movie, but the denoument makes it worth while.


Crash. I really enjoyed it. Lots to think about.
Also saw Kill Bill for the first time recently. Don't know why I didn't see it before. Now looking forward to Kill Bill2.


any fans of Zoolander here?  :)

well, tonight i´m going to see Carandiru.


Saw--fuckin mind bending

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind--ditto
Sittin' here with me and mine.  All wrapped up in a bottle of wine.


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Whole new perscpective on the Columbian Coke trade, see Blow afterwards (gdit! ;))



QuoteDead Presidents

I love the soundtrack for that movie, Issac Hayes, Curtis Mayfield, Delphonics etc
God will forgive them. He'll forgive them and allow them into Heaven.....I can't live with that.