What Show Did You Just See?

Started by CC, Dec 23, 2010, 08:21 AM

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Just one? Since Jacket at Red Rocks, I've been to two excellent festivals -

Oceans Calling - Peach Pit (first time, really good), Dispatch, Dirty Heads, Third Eye Blind, Sheryl Crow (way better than expected), Incubus, Grace Potter (damn), Weezer (double damn).  Oh, and MD band OAR with guest sit ins from RunDMC (Doing Walk This Way lol) and Richie Sambora.  All were excellent sets.

Just back from this weekends Power Trip festival at Coachella.  Skipped G&R night (heard they weren't good).  Saw Judas Priest and the highlight of every band I'm listing here - AC/DC.  Good lord they rocked. Their first show in 8 years.  Then last night Tool and Metallica.  I get why Metallica has the huge following, if still not a big fan of much of their catalogue.  Great performers and thunderous presence, what hard rock is all about.

Can't rave enough about Angus Young. Dude is mid-70's, running the stage and duck walking like he's still 40. Whole band with Brian Johnson back again sounded great, and rocked the 80,000 out for almost 2 1/2 hrs.  24 songs.  No letup. Jacket-worthy.

Coolest moment I've seen at a rock show - James Hetfield was fan boying to Angus snd AC/DC from the VIP pit just in front of me.  Laughing and pointing to his friends every time Angus did his signature slide-dance during solo riffs.  Very cool to see!  Great festival, hot as hell though. 


U2 at the Sphere. Amazing show. Best sound I have ever heard in a large space.


Quote from: brob on Oct 11, 2023, 09:56 PMU2 at the Sphere. Amazing show. Best sound I have ever heard in a large space.

Amazing! Can't wait to see phish there next year.

I caught Wilco in LA last week, good show but goddam is the LA crowd soft. Most sitting the entire show and barely moving.


Phish is going to play there?!  wow!!

Wilco was pretty great I thought but to be fair, they don't have a lot of dance-y numbers ...  the one I saw there were more people standing up and Tweedy even commented on that.

Overall though LA crowds aren't the greatest unfortunately....


Quote from: ChiefOKONO on Oct 12, 2023, 12:30 PMPhish is going to play there?!  wow!!

nothing officially announced, but april is the rumor.

Did you go to one of the Wilco shows at the Ace? I was in front row of balcony for thursday show. I could see that the floor was up on their feet for some tunes, but the balcony was seated the entire show.