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First Aid Kit

Started by SaraBananaBear, Apr 07, 2011, 02:01 PM

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They rule!  I am really looking forward to their next album already!


I`ve enjoyed first aid kit after hearing drunken trees on the radio, the sister vocals are magical. the new album is wonderful as the others...
welcome to the cosmos of peace, love and ????


I loved the album Ruins, and hope that they are working on another one right now.  It was great to hear some songs that were more jammed out.

They released an EP a little while back which I really enjoyed also called Tender Offerings which had some songs that didn't make it onto Ruins.

Also they have a great song called  You Are the Problem Here about the sexual assault problem.

I came across these clips which are really great!

First Aid Kit w/ Friends - Leonard Cohen Tribute Show 2017

First Aid Kit & Maja Francis - It Must Have Been Love (Roxette) @ MusikhjÀlpen 2019


First Aid Kit is back!  New album is coming :D

First single/video for "Angel" -


Love the new song!