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Acoustic Citsuoca woman

Started by Tracy 2112, Jul 05, 2011, 07:56 PM

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are you guys talking about the '07 rud show or the '10?
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I always wondered if it was the same lady who is always yelling at Louisville shows.   The big Rud solo gig in particular.  I hear her all the time.

That girl is RIDICULOUS. Is she the one that constantly says thank you? Jesus

Really? Now that's just inappropriate.

I don't notice too much when people yell out at shows unless they're right in my ear. However...I tend to smile if I catch the random guys who yell: "LOVE YOU MAN!" or some other sort of man-on-man compliment. It's so cute.

There's a dude on the 2008 Festival Pier recording that yelled "Marry me, Jim James!" That's an awesome man-on-man compliment. Cracks me up everytime I hear it
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07 rud is what i'm thinking of but might be both
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I'm thinking of 07, but come to think of it it could be the basement of the sealbach 10
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do all of the AC records come with a CD?  I've read the descriptions on Ebay and they don't mention an included CD.


I think only the black vinyl comes with the cd.

It was also pressed in Red, Gold/Yellow and Blue vinyl.

I hope they press a tie dye version next.  ;D
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She doesn't bother me at all and I think it adds to the fact that it's a live recording...

...but she probably looks like this...


She could yodel in my ear all she wants if she was in the crowd.  :thumbsup:
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I have to believe that the band was cool with this in the end. After having recorded 3 shows to produce the album, this couldn't have been the only version of Sooner to choose from. But still, band approved or not, the damn yodel still bugs me after all these years. So my remedy is to listen to all the different versions of Sooner from the taped shows on Relisten.com. It helps. There's some pretty good versions out there. As good as AC's without yodel...I don't know? That's a tough one. Thoughts? What version do you like?



Quote from: Osistheones on Aug 16, 2020, 11:41 PMAcoustic Chorale version
Yes, Acoustic Chorale is great. Also a big fan of Port Chester 2012 night one version.
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