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May 12, 2021, 04:57 PM

Fruit Bats

Started by jones, Sep 07, 2011, 10:22 AM

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I know nothing about this band, but I do believe that I dig their sound.  A new discovery for me?! 

Here is a stream of the new album, "Tripper":

I also checked out some of their older stuff, but I've barely scratched the surface.  Tell me what I need to know!!!


The Ruminant Band (their last record, put out in 2009) is extremely solid. It's the only one of theirs I have though. I do believe I'll be checking out that stream. Thanks for the post.
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I haven't heard them in a while. I used to have Mouthfuls (2003ish). I remember them being pretty solid indie.


Saw them this summer at a small festival in Oregon.  Hadn't heard of them, but LOVED them.  Super fun live!  :)
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The first album I heard from them was Echolocation.  I have listened to that album over and over and love it.  I also like Ruminant Band.  I have Spelled in Bones too but this is the only real gem on it IMO:


The Fruit Bats broke up:(

Eric D singing Ballad of Easy Rider and playing an omnichord...

Deschutes River Recordings - Eric D. Johnson

Download for free or donate what you can to the Deschutes River Conservancy here...
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Thanks very much for sharing this information.


new album Gold Past Life dropped today i believe. Digging it so far! :headphones:

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Loving the new album and aqua vinyl! Thanks for posting and can't wait to see him live soon. I know Jim is a big fan too, was fun watching them open for the two night show at Austin Music Hall.
There's still time


new album The Pet Parade dropped last week. these guys are pumping out music!

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There's still time


Great album.  Gullwing Doors definitely will be one of my most played songs all year..