2 meter sessie, 2008-07-08, De Melkweg, Amsterdam, the Netherlands (master)

Started by gonnerke, Nov 20, 2011, 09:04 AM

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This is my master of the second 2 meter sessie (2 metre session). Recorded at the 7th of July in 2008. The band played a full gig in de Melkweg in the evening. This session was recorded in the afternoon during the soundcheck.
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Bump. Upped as a request.

My apologies as this is MP3. That is how I received the file way back. I never got the Flac version. This was one big file so I tracked it.

My Morning Jacket (Dutch Radio Broadcast,KINKFM, MP3)

2008-07-08 Melkweg (The Max) - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Original mp3 file
1. DJ Intro >
2. "Birds Lament" (Moondog)>   
3. Evil Urges
4. Off The Record
5. Gideon
6. The Way That He Sings
7. I'm Amazed
8. Sec Walkin
9. Thank You Too!
10. Heartbreakin Man
11. Touch Me I'm Going To Scream Pt.1
12. Lay Low
13. Anytime
14. Golden

1. DJ Intro>
2. The Bear
3. I will Sing You Songs
4. War Begun
5. Smokin' From Shootin'>
6. Touch Me Part 2
7. Jim James Banter>
8. Bermuda Highway
9. I Will Be There When You Die
10. I Think I'm Going To Hell
11. Wordless Chorus
12. Highly suspicious

1. DJ intro>
2. Phone Went West>
3. Dondante
4. JJ Talks>
5. Run Thru>
6. One Big Holiday
7. Outro Tune>
8. DJ Talk>
9. Through 13.- Rest of radio program, artists unknown to me!

"Somewhere out there is a land that's cool, where peace and balance are the rule."