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Genesis - old, new - any fans here?

Started by JaneCool, Dec 17, 2011, 12:03 AM

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I'm sure this is probably a long shot on this forum - although I know my friend Ericm can relate.  ;)

Any Genesis fans here? Just curious, because I love the band so much but also love MMJ - so it's a strange combination to be sure...but if I can love them both surely there must be some other fans on this forum??

Anyway, I'm much more geared towards to the "old-school" Genesis when Peter Gabriel was the lead singer. If there are any other fans out there I would love to chat with you about the band on here.

And for those of you who only know Gabriel as a solo artist and the likes of "Big Time" and "In Your Eyes" here's a little taste of a whole new musical world to discover (if you care to)!  :)

Genesis - The Cinema Show
So, I do believe.....


I'm a big fan of the Gabriel-era stuff the first few records with Phil Collins as the singer (especially Trick of the Tail).

I have to say though that Phil Collins turned into something I detest so much that it almost ruins my ability to just enjoy him back when he was good.  I truly believe his solo career is a low point of the human race in general.

We were in the NYC area over thanksgiving and got to see The Musical Box perform The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway.  If people don't know them, TMB do very faithful recreations of the Gabriel-era Genesis tours, and Genesis has even given them many of their old constumes, visuals, and props.

It was actually really amazing to see the performance of The Lamb.  That's just about the first record I got really obsessed with in my very early teens, and not something I could actual see when Genesis toured it (I was 4 then).
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Tracy 2112

I love all the early Genesis/Peter Gabriel, as well as all of Gabriel's solo work. I can also get into post Gabriel Genesis with Duke and Abacab (somewhat of a soundtrack to my "lost" teen years), but they lost me after that.
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yeah, somebody once told me these guys were pretty good.

may have to check them out one day .    ;)
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Quote from: Tracy 2112 on Dec 17, 2011, 01:19 PM
I love all the early Genesis/Peter Gabriel, as well as all of Gabriel's solo work. I can also get into post Gabriel Genesis with Duke and Abacab (somewhat of a soundtrack to my "lost" teen years), but they lost me after that.
I think we must have been lost teens at the same time. I work at the same high school that I attended as a kid and as I pull into the parking lot when "In The Air Tonight" drum solo comes on; it's like I'm 16 again. I'm with Mr. Whippy about the solo career of Phil Collins, but I did like him when he was still with Genesis. The earlier catalog from the band used to be required listening too. But I probably haven't listened to it in many, many moons.


You know where I stand on these guys. Tried getting some Genesis love going here but not much success. There are a few of us seasoned vets who are into them, but that's about it.

Here's one I know I sent  to a few, but don't think I've put it here. It's a clip of a medley during their last tour in 07 from D.C. It's a long one, but great audio, and really shows their stage/lights/video wall really well,imo. Great that it's one long clip, and not having to be put up in two.

In The Cage>Cinema Show> Duke's Travels>Afterglow:

Genesis In the Cage Medley (complete) 2007 tour Washington DC Verizon Center 9/23/2007
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My mom would post in this thread... if she knew what an internet forum was.
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Quote from: YouAre_GivenToFly on Dec 18, 2011, 10:37 PM
My mom would post in this thread... if she knew what an internet forum was.

Oh, honey. I already do! ;D


count me on the Genesis fanlist.   Early stuff through Lamb Lies down are some of my listened to albums.

I too saw the Musical Box do Lamb Lies Down and LOVED it.   This was probably 5 years or so ago.... one of the few shows I could not find any friends to go with!!  but I was entranced... (never having seen genesis live).   

Unlike many of you, I went cold turkey when Gabriel left and never really listened to any of the collins-era albums.... I get that some of the early ones, say Trick of the Tail, were still pretty decent before descending into schlock but I instead followed Gabriel's solo career and echo the comment earlier in the thread that the early solo stuff is fantastic listening.


I'm a new fan of the old Genesis.   :)

I was raised on MTV and Peter Gabriel was one of my favorite artists and So was one of the first albums I owned, but for some reason I avoided going back to his early days with Genesis until just a few months ago, when I found myself listening to every track on the first Genesis album From Genesis to Revelation on YouTube and then watching a few live performances of other songs from that era.  And the feeling came over me... "Why did I wait so long to listen to this?" At the same time I feel like I wouldn't have been able to appreciate it years ago like I do now.  Music continues to amaze me...  there's so much out there that's just waiting to be found when you need to find it.  And I need to find that 1st Genesis album on vinyl... for starters...

I also gotta admit I love "I Can't Dance", for I can relate all too well.


Time to revive this thread.  :beer:   For any fans like myself who love them, this is sure to bring a smile and some great memories of the first time we or friends heard this tune.

It's two guys listening to and giving their thoughts on Firth of Fifth. Their reactions and comments are priceless.  :thumbsup:  It's 20 minutes or so but if you have some free time, definitely worth checking out. Plus what Genesis fan needs an excuse to listen to Firth?  :grin:

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Wow, weird you reviving this 2011 post yesterday.  Always been a huge Genesis fan, just old enough to have bought Seconds Out the year after it was released.  On 8 track. My brain still processes where the track switch click should happen when hearing the CD.  Went to 5 or 6 Genesis concerts in the early 80's.  Gabriel solo a bunch too, Forest Hills in mid-80's is still in my top ten concert list.

Friday, I listened to the Bo interview someone posted here the other day.  Was pleasantly surprised to hear him credit Tony Banks as an early influence to his sound.  Yesterday I just happened to stumble across a Genesis Belgium TV video from 1972.  Great stuff, even better comments from folks who never saw 22 year old Gabriel before.   Count me as both a pre and post Gabriel fan, except for maybe that last MTV-era album.  Duke and Abacab arguments with staunch Gabriel era fans are not unlike the Evil Urges/Circuital discussions had here.  (Not comparing the music or relative worths! Just the differing viewpoint similarities).

Thanks for the link!


You got it MPP :thumbsup:  I hope you got as much of a kick out of it as I did. Always cool to see peoples reaction to music we love when hearing it for the 1st time. Especially younger music fans.

Pretty cool thoughts on your 8-track as well as the different era comparison to MMJ and their albums too, as was your discovering MMJ in the CC thread.  :beer:

I had a similar experience discovering Genesis. My older brother worked in NYC and came home one day with the Wind and Wuthering on 8-track. I liked Yes at the time and Prog Rock so I immediately loved what I was hearing from Genesis.

About a week later he asks if I wanted to go with him to a concert at MSG ( which thankfully he did a lot) and on the way there I finally asked who were we going to see. He said that band Genesis you've been wearing out on 8-track!

I was completely blown away by them that night and a fan for life. That tour ended up being when Seconds Out was recorded and it's still my favorite live album of all time.

I've been fortunate to catch them at least once and usually more than that on every tour since right up to the late 80's, and several times on their reunion tour in 07. One of the best bands and live acts ever IMO, especially pre mid/late  80's and what I call their MTV era.

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That's a great story ericm, how you found them. I credit my older brother with virtually all of my early music influences, going to his house as a teen to listen to his extensive 60's-70's album collection. He and my other older bro saw many shows at the old Cap Theater and Fillmore East - Allman Brothers, Doors, Santana, Hendrix, Dead, you name it.

Which is why I have absolutely loved returning the favor, and getting him into MMJ.  He lives in Denver, took him to Broomfield Night 1, he was blown away.  Kept telling him over the previous year how all-time great Jacket is, figured he was rolling his eyes after the tenth mention. Halfway through the set, during the show highlight for me - Carried Away and Carl's amazing solo with Jim - he turns and says 'wow'.  Before they finish the set, he says 'Ok, you were right!'.  Best part of the night for me. Then last summer we did the RR parking lot both nights, Sat night show with him. 

Yes is one of my all time favorites too. Agree regarding Seconds Out being a fantastic live album.  Not saying this because I'm on this forum, but until I heard Okonokos I also thought Seconds was the best live album I'd heard. Completely different music, but the performance/recording quality/power/dynamics in each is amazing.  It's funny, both bands I found 'live', before I knew a single studio track. Seconds Out got big air time on my local FM rock channel when it released, which led me to buying the 8 track.  Damn, wish I still had it. Lol

Genesis live had to be seen.  Sounds like you and I may have crossed paths on a few of those 80's shows, if it was in the Northeast.  Excellent musicians, tight band, one of a kind stage lighting effects, two different but equally great front men.  I know you know this, the now-standard computer controlled lighting effects used at every concert, Vegas and Broadway show, were first developed for Genesis, with their input.  Believe they even owned a piece of the original company, Varilight (?)

More useless rock trivia.
Thanks again ericm for reviving this thread!  Love talking Genesis and rock music history in general.


Quote from: MPP on Jul 26, 2020, 08:05 PMGenesis live had to be seen.  Sounds like you and I may have crossed paths on a few of those 80's shows, if it was in the Northeast.  Excellent musicians, tight band, one of a kind stage lighting effects, two different but equally great front men.  I know you know this, the now-standard computer controlled lighting effects used at every concert, Vegas and Broadway show, were first developed for Genesis, with their input.  Believe they even owned a piece of the original company, Varilight (?)

More useless rock trivia.
Thanks again ericm for reviving this thread!  Love talking Genesis and rock music history in general.

100% agree. I had the great fortune of seeing them about 30 times over the years. 

Their use of the Varilite (you're correct about the part they played in the development of these) was unmatched. They had one of the best lighting engineers in the business IMO, who also happened to be a great fan of the band and knew their music inside out. No pun intended lol. He was amazing in his timing and bringing those lights to life. I think the peak of this was the massive moving rig during the Mama tour.

When you put their great musicianship together with a brilliant stage show, those gigs were just an amazing thing to witness. On top of all that, I have to say every show I ever saw of them both in arenas and outdoor stadiums, they had the most impeccable sound of any band I've ever seen live.

They were always perfectly mixed, crystal clear sounding shows. From the quietest moments to the full band coming at us from one of their climatic changes in a song. It's always stuck out to me how great sounding their shows were, no matter the venue or my place in the venue.

I'd bet we did attend some of the same shows as most of mine were either in Philly, NYC, or NJ but we did do some road trips too since back then we really couldn't get enough of them.

These guys were so good there really wasn't any need to indulge in any treats (though we did so more than once :wink: ) to really get taken away during their shows. They were quite the treat all by themselves and I'm thankful I got to see as many shows and tours as I did.  :beer:
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30 shows, that's awesome.  Good call too. It all ends before you know it, sometimes suddenly for reasons unforeseen.  Like now. 

Most of my 70's-90's concerts were seen in CT where I grew up, either New Haven Coliseum or Hartford CC.  Saw Genesis at both, multiple tours.  We might have been at one of those Oct 1986 MSG shows together, made it to the city for that tour.

Oh man, yes their lighting engineer was fantastic!  That curtain effect, blacked out stage with white down lighting, simple yet powerful, timed with the music it was unforgettable.  Home By the Sea, I can still 'see' that song as if the show was last month.  I once took a good friend, we shared a love of Yes but he never got into Genesis from the studio albums.  By the end of the show, Los Endos with the incredible lighting amplifying the power of that song, he got it.

You know a true Genesis fan if they can tell you they own 'Spot the Pigeon' on vinyl. Or both versions, US and Europe, of Three Sides Live.  :headphones:


Haha, I do own both of those Three Sides Live albums and saw a couple of shows on that Encore Tour. Getting Suppers Ready twice in a couple of days was other worldly.  :grin:

The 4th side of the import from Europe is fantastic and is very near the top of my Genesis rotation. They didnt really make One For the Vine a staple in their setlists much after that (if at all) so to have it live on an official album is a huge get for me.

Did you get to any of the TIOA Reunion shows in 07? I knew I'd have to go to at least one after a 17 year break but once I saw the setlist from the European leg, I knew I'd do more. They were fantastic and much more classic heavy than I would've ever thought. Performed to perfection with the always amazing stage show.  If you didn't, and have about 17-18 minutes to spare, check out the link above to the video I posted in 11.

Big bonus for me was taking my daughter to two of the Philly shows. She was raised on them being a part of our household music and to have her experience them live was a big time dad moment for me. She loved them and totally got it.  :thumbsup:
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No, I missed the 2007 reunion tour.  Was living in the Bay Area back then, think they played Sacramento but couldn't make the show. I checked out your old link before I posted my first reply!  Loved it, that stage show looked amazing.

Can't ask for much more in life, being able to bring your daughter.  And her connecting with it too, man that's so good.

One for the Vine - could be my favorite of theirs from that era. Genesis had those three distinct phases.  With Gabriel through Lamb, this phase with three really great underrated albums from them -Trick, W&W and Three - then the Duke to We Can't Dance phase.  For me, the middle phase has the best elements of the two that bookend it.  Maybe preferences tend to favor what you first hear and love.  My '77-78 8-track entry was more Trick than Foxtrot.  Lol 

I understand the fans who gave up after Gabriel left, or maybe after Hackett. As that link you posted to restart this thread showed, Firth of Fifth is a creative masterpiece, anyone who loves music can appreciate and be awed by it. I love the Duke and Abacab albums though, and live it was all great!


Aww man MPP I could keep this talk going for days! So many great tunes,shows, memories and my love for MMJ definitely parallels. It's something that hits you in a way that resonates and just becomes a part of you.

I'm a big Hackett fan and had tix to see him on his latest tour but Covid put the kabosh on that. I've had the great pleasure to see and meet Steve on several different occasions. Spent a decent amount of time with him over the years and his greatness as a guitar player might only be surpassed by his greatness as a man. One of the kindest, humble, most caring people you'd ever want to meet and hang out with.

If we ever meet up at a Jacket show I'll be glad to talk more about hanging with him. You'll get a kick out of how low key and down to earth he is and some of the cool stories.

I know he's rescheduling his tour but like all bands it's still up in the air. In the past he's done some Genesis Revisited tours with all Genesis tunes,  some combo tours and others where he featured a whole Genesis album along with his solo stuff. All were fun to see and he's still amazing as ever on guitar and doesn't miss a trick on his FOF solo.

This next tour was supposed to feature the Seconds Out album in the UK and no doubt he'd be bringing that here. Fingers crossed it happens no matter how long it takes. When it does, I'd definitely say go check it out. Only downside for me is I'm not 100% sold on his lead singer but that's a high bar for me when we're comparing him to Peter and Phil.
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I could talk this topic for days too.  Really enjoyed sharing the Genesis love with you!  Which only happened because of the equally strong MMJ love bringing me here.  Great group of people on this forum.

That's the thing with Jacket. I try explaining to my friends and family who grew up with me and shared musical likes.  There's this emotional connection to their music I haven't really had for a band since Genesis days.  Where you have to hear everything they did, search record stores for rare releases or B sides.  Because you can't get enough, and never get tired of the music, and will find something new each time you listen.

For sure, would be great to meet up and talk next time MMJ gets back on the road.  Sounds like we're close enough to cross paths somewhere between DC and Boston.  Or Colorado.  Or California.  Lol  At this point, I'd fly anywhere to see a show. 

Love to hear more about Hackett too, and how you got to know him.  That's way cool, sounds like a good guy.  Funny you mentioned it, I had heard about his recent tour and was hoping to see him.  Believe he played in DC early March, just before the virus shutdown but I was out of town that night.   

Thanks for the great conversation ericm  :thumbsup: .