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Genesis - old, new - any fans here?

Started by JaneCool, Dec 17, 2011, 12:03 AM

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Here's a little behind the scenes treat from 07. They released on DVD a full concert video from their final European show called When In Rome.

Part of that set was a 3rd disc called Come Rain or Shine which takes us from early rehearsals for the tour right up to hitting the stage months later in Helsinki. The 2nd part of the disc is showing all they went through dealing with the rain at a bunch of the shows.

Some really cool and funny stuff on here and to see where they started with rehearsals after not being together for 15+ years to how spot on the show was by Helsinki.

It's pretty much a full length movie (1:50) and I figured with all of us pretty much home for more than we'd like, it might be something different to check out.

"Where's Jim going?"


You know I watched it.  Thanks for the link!

Laughed at the YT comments noting the Spinal Tap-feel to some of it, especially that early idea to put the band in a moving pod. Heh. The fact they were late 50's in age and hadn't played together in 15 years, kind of relearning the music, very cool to get that insight.  Also a good reason to never think of putting them in a Tommy Lee revolving cage.

Now I wish I'd seen that tour when in Cali, dammit. 

Our conversation has me watching/listening to a bunch of stuff on YouTube I hadn't checked out in a while, or in some cases like this have never seen. Wembley 87 is excellent, peak of their late stage game.  I'd forgotten how massively popular they became in those early MTV-era days.  The fact that in 1986, Genesis the band and four solo members all had songs in the BB Top 40 is incredible. Had to look up the Hackett/Steve Howe one, Collins and Gabriel (So) were easy to guess.


Haha, glad you checked it out MPP.  :thumbsup:  Definitely a treat for Genesis fans.

I got a big kick out of a lot of it too. I think one of the cooler parts was bringing in the button pusher only three days before the 1st show and all the work he put in to get it right. He nailed it perfectly during Domino in every show I saw. I really enjoyed the early rehearsals too especially the part where Phil couldn't hit the high notes, and they did end up playing a lot in a lower key as a result. Still sounded great as always though once they were on stage.

 The stage design and getting it all together was really something. All the shows in Europe were outdoors so they used that massive stage every time. They only brought it to North America for three shows; Montreal, Toronto and Giants Stadium in Jersey. All the rest here were in arenas, and a similar stage and video wall but scaled down to fit inside.

I knew I wanted to see the big rig, so Giants Stadium was a no brainer for me. It was even bigger in person if that's possible. Stretched across the whole width of the floor and rose well above the top of the stadium. I enjoyed the arena stage too but that big rig was something I'll never forget.

Here's another video and this is about the construction of the stage. Only this one is about 16:00 and it was shot during the Giants Stadium setup.

If you want to see the whole show from 07 there are two shows floating around on YouTube. One being the When In Rome show that was officially released and there's one from Düsseldorf that was "unofficially" released.  Fair warning though, while those two sound great and look super clear, I wasn't thrilled with the editing. Too many quick cuts and close ups. I would've preferred an option to see it filmed from say 25 yds back. The stage was a huge part of the show and these two releases don't really do it justice. There's some great fan shot videos out there that do,IMO.
"Where's Jim going?"