Come Closer chords (ver 2)

Started by GoGoGadgetFunk, Nov 24, 2008, 12:53 PM

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Grateful Chabo

i am by no means a good tabber but after seeing the chords to come closer on the tabs site i thought they were all wrong.  So I sat down with my guitar and listened a few times and i came up with this.  These are just the basic chords to the fill ins.  Let me know what you think because i could be way off...

C    G F  x2

     C      G   F
so i slave a- way.
           C            G       F
on the floor and walls for a day.
                C        G        F
buy you the beer can you pay.
               C                   G                  F
get emotional each time they say your name.
     F                           G
oh soldier you look so strong.
     F                           G
who held you that you fought so long.
     F                           G
who told you that you left me amazed.
     F                           G
there's something left i gotta say.
how long can you stay?
i been waitin all day...
i been meltin away...  F
Bb                          A
just to send off with you.
         F    G
come closer.
         F    G
come closer.

so today. i wont call anyone for change.
"toes 'cross the floor," hear it play.
good at holdin back at eatin away your legs.
come closer.
oooh boo laa tooo. x3. come closer

"Listen to the river sing sweet songs to rock my soul."


The chords at the tabs site are definitely correct on that song.  I watched Jim's hands when he played it and wrote it down afterwards.  Make sure your playing the E and D as barre chords and the A open. And you may want to listen to it to get the rhythm.  I promise, it's right.
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bo dereks tits

so anyone know what the proper chords are to this if the OP was wrong?