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Started by AngryEwok, Jul 11, 2008, 08:31 PM

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Angry Ewok

It has been long overdue, but I finally fixed the broken links in the index. I'm still catching up on missing songs, but the index is finally functional and helpful, again!

Unofficial MMJ Tabs Site

Evil Urges

Librarian forum


Wordless Chorus forum   [size=10](MMJ Tabs Site)[/size]

It Beats For You forum

Gideon forum   [size=10](MMJ Tabs Site)[/size]

What A Wonderful Manforum [size=10](MMJ Tabs Site)[/size]

Off The Recordforum   [size=10](MMJ Tabs Site)[/size]

Into The Woods forum   [size=10](MMJ Tabs Site)[/size]

Anytime forum   [size=10](MMJ Tabs Site)[/size]

Lay Low forum   [size=10](MMJ Tabs Site)[/size]

Knot Comes Loose forum   [size=10](MMJ Tabs Site)[/size]

Dondante forum   [size=10](MMJ Tabs Site)[/size]

How Could I Know? forum   [size=10](MMJ Tabs Site)[/size]

It Still Moves!

Mahgeeta forum

Dancefloors forum

Golden forum

Masterplan forum

One Big Holiday forum

I Will Sing You Songs   [size=10](MMJ Tabs Site)[/size]

Run Thru forum

Steam Engine forum

One In The Same forum

At Dawn

At Dawn forum

Lowdown [size=10](MMJ Tabs Site)[/size]

The Way That He Sings forum

Death Is The Easy Way forum

Hopefully forum

Berumda Highway forum

Honest Man forum

X-Mas Curtain forum

Just Because I Do forum

I Needed It Most forum

Phone Went West forum

Strangulation forum

Chills forum

Lead Me Father (J. Cash)


Come Closer forum

X-Mas Fiasco!

New Morning (N. Cave) forum

Chocolate and Ice

Sooner forum

Chapter 1: Sandworm Cometh

When Will They Come? [size=10](MMJ Tabs Site)[/size]

Isobella With The White Umbrella [size=10](MMJ Tabs Site)[/size]

Rocket Man (E. John) forum

Chapter 2: Learning

Just One Thing forum

I Won't Cry forum

The Tennessee Fire

Heart Breakin' Man forum

They Ran (Acoustic) forum

The Bear forum [size=10](MMJ Tabs Site)[/size]

Nashville to Kentucky forum

Old Sept. Blues forum

Evelyn Is Not Real [size=10](MMJ Tabs Site)[/size]

War Begun forum

I Will Be There When You Die forum

The Dark forum

By My Car forum

I Think I'm Going To Hell forum

Misc Songs

Lil Billy   [size=10](MMJ Tabs Site)[/size]

Same In Any Language   [size=10](Ultimate Guitar Tabs)[/size]

Where To Begin forum

Be sure to check out the Unofficial MMJ Tabs Site for most of these songs, and plus many more - all available in a printer-friendly format.

[size=10]Last Updated 7/11/08
Links fixed, songs added.[/size]
--- and that's 2 real 4 u.


I have been on this site for a couple months now and just saw this.  Thanks for all the hard work!
Hooked on four like one, two, three


Where is the best place for Mmj tabs and chords these days? I have ultimate guitar app and the mmj tab booklet but wondering if there is anything better floating around that I don't know about it seems like the unofficial mmj tab site is out of commission.