MMJ Fans in Florida??? Tampa, FL???

Started by cmason84, Jan 29, 2009, 09:34 PM

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This might seem a bit off the topic being in the tabs section, but I actually put it in here in hopes of finding local musicians who are influenced by MMJ and similar styles.

I'm a guitarist/ bassist in the Tampa, FL area looking to do some alternative rock along the lines of MMJ, modest mouse, john frusciante, etc. Unfortunately, it seems that e'body around here is into metal or trying to emulate nickelback, papa roach, toadman, puddle of mudd, etc.

I haven't declared the Tampa music scene officially dead yet, but I'm about to. So, if anyone is from around here or even know some good local (Tampa area) musicians with whom you could put me in contact with, it would be much appreciated.

Cheers :).


... and at 0250 on 14 Feb 2009, the Tampa music scene is officially dead. :'(


As long as you keep a straight face...


Dude.  I am from Tampa and about the biggest jacket fan I know.  Hit me up if you're still on here!!!!
As long as my heart's beating, that's all the proof you need....