If it Smashes Down.

Started by Paauwe, Jul 14, 2008, 01:22 AM

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someone tab it.

i would if i could. but i cant.

so im telling you to.

we need it.


buster douglas

i second this motion

this song doesn't seem like it would be that tough to tab for someone with ahem, slightly more talent then say, err, me.

so go for it!!!


He plays it on the banjo.  I just haven't been comfortable trying to tab a banjo part for guitar.
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Well, either he's playing banjitar (banjo w/ six strings, tuned to standard guitar tuning), or just tune your guitar to open G (DGDGBd) and don't worry about the sixth string.


I'm working on a pretty decent guitar version of this.  Will post something when i get around to finishing it


It would probably make it a lot easier if we get a good quality vid from T5...
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you guys know of a good tab editor software?

i have a good version of this for guitar. Capo 4th fret.

Just don't have the patience to tab out in word or something.


Sorry, just posting to get a royal flush- last post in each of the 5 parts of the Jacket forum.  Where is everyone?  I guess I'm the sorry bastard with nothing better to do at 11:30 on a Saturday night.  Sigh.  
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So Noone has tabbed this out yet? Bummer :embarassed:
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Best way I've found to play it on guitar is Capo on the 4th fret. These are the closest I could find to the chords I'm using, so I put an asterisk on the ones I've modified.

Em7, (x2000x)
C*     (x3001x)
C add9 (x3003x)
Esus (x0220x)
Bb* (x1033x)

Em7  C* Cadd9  Em7 Esus*
Em7  C* Bb* Em7 C*

Em7           C*        Bb*            Em7
Whos going to care if it smashes down Or flips you up in the air.
Bb*         Em7*
Its justa really fast, risky ride at a fair.
Em7 C* Em7
On these lovely trips,
Bb*               Em7
The conductor likes your soft brown eyes on his hair.
Bb*               Em7
No need to shut er down, go round and round in the air.
C*   Em7    Esus... C*    C*# etc..