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How to post IMAGES to the Forum

Started by johnnYYac, Aug 14, 2015, 07:15 PM

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How to Post an IMAGE to the Forum

Any image you want to include in a post needs to be on the web, either already on a web page or a photo that is uploaded to a site like Flikr or Facebook. 

Right clicking the image should provide the option to "Copy Image Location". 

Next, click on the "Insert Image" button, just below the B.

Paste the image URL between the IMG brackets.

Click "Post" when finished with your post.

And, voila!

Close enough!


here's an easy site to upload images for free:


use the direct link to post it here between the [img] tags like explained above


I just find the image online, go to properties and highlight and copy the URL and then just type in img and /img with brackets around them and link in the middle, just as fast really.


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Thanks. Got it. Seems to work like other forums.
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