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Father John Misty

Started by Mhurley8, Apr 19, 2017, 06:15 PM

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Hi All,

So I caught the bug last spring seeing the boys both nights at RR and have booked a trip back to CO with the bird this summer.

For some reason the RR schedule didn't do much for me this year so we decided on going to CO form 8/23-8/27 to see the Lumineers at Fiddlers Green. They are playing both friday and Sat nights and we haven't picked a night yet.

I just saw that Father John Misty is playing RR on Friday 8/25 and was wondering if he would be worth checking out at RR on Friday then seeing the Lumineers Saturday at Fiddlers.

I want the GF to experience RR (MMJ was a boys trip  :cheesy:) so would anyone recommend seeing Father John Misty?



Saw FJM at Hangout fest in 2015, was the second best show of the weekend (behind MMJ), and it was a very close second. He killed it.

I think he would put on a an amazing show at RR honestly.


I can't speak for his chops live as I have never seen him. I know that I am struggling to get into his new album, although I loved the first two.


I went to his set at Coachella expecting to hate him but instead, it sounded great. His voice was really rich and full and beautiful live.

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Thanks for the responses guys, going to check him out for sure.

The way I look at it you cant really see a bad show at Red Rocks anyway and I've watched a few concerts of FJM on YouTube and digging it.

Should be a great trip back to beautiful CO!



I went to the opening show of the tour last night in Toronto, and FJM has cooked up something special. Fronting a fifteen-piece band -- !!! -- Josh was in fantastic voice, and at long last, a consummate professional performer. He's fine-tuned the theatrics and banter into a night of supremely compelling music and entertainment. The sound was immense and visceral. Some of those freakout codas, with Josh letting loose as the band crescendos behind him, were powerful enough to send literal shivers down my spine. It was really cool to see the string section rocking out with huge smiles on their faces as they played. Don't see that often!

The setlist mixed a very hearty helping of new tunes with fresh arrangements of his older tracks. Josh was in great spirits throughout the night, taking his usual engagement with the audience to the next level by opening his encore with an actual audience Q+A session, which surprisingly didn't get out of control.

The last few times I've seen him, I've longed for the return of that awesome ragtag hippie band (with guitar ace Benji Lysaght) that supported him on Fear Fun. The bands since then have been good, but lacked *something* -- that magic that the first band had in spades. After last night's show, I can finally stop looking back so wistfully on Fear Fun band. This "Pure Comedy" orchestra plays with the same raw passion of the FF-era band, but is also nimble enough to nail the supremely detailed textures of his later work. Father John Misty has finally found his match. A band that elevates a concert to a night at the theatre.

See him in a theatre show this year. It's a night you will not soon forget!


Great write up oistheone.  You could write reviews for a real magazine.

I've never been a fan of FJM and seeing at a festival last summer didn't win me over.  We left mid set after being unimpressed and a bit annoyed.  But now I'll check out some of the You Tube shows MHurley mentioned. 


damn, no chance we'll be able to catch him this summer. He said he had a musical all planned for this album and tour but it was clearly an undertaking he was unprepared for so that was scrapped.

I'm fitting in listens to Pure Comedy between the Dead and Kendrick so I don't have a fully formed opinion on the album, but I just appreciate the role he plays in modern "pop" music.

He did KEXP session for Fear Fun that was great, his performance of "I'm Writing a Novel" in particular.
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Yac coming through with the hot YT links! danke
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I ripped the livestream from his Ryman show from a few weeks ago and put it on youtube. I was there in person and thought it was a really great show.


Quote from: cgreen2599 on Nov 04, 2022, 11:54 AMI ripped the livestream from his Ryman show from a few weeks ago and put it on youtube. I was there in person and thought it was a really great show.

Welp, so much for that.
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wow thank you for that!!