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Red Rocks 2011 on Bandcamp

Started by sillyboob, Jun 30, 2017, 08:43 PM

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Just found this link for Red Rocks 2011 (a Roll Call exclusive) on Carl's Bandcamp page.

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I don't see any method at all, sir


thanks for the heads up. Enjoying this now and counting down the days until I see a couple shows here in New England.


thank you Sillyboob! I'd never heard this show, EVER! Now I'm getting to listen to that sick segue outta The Bear into an unreal Steam Engine! What a setlist too!
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Who's got the soundboard audio to this show??

Mr. White

Quote from: Mbayzer on Aug 17, 2020, 10:45 PMWho's got the soundboard audio to this show??

This show was originally a Roll Call Exclusive (2nd year membership, I believe). It was an MP3 download. In 2017, that link given was associated with Carl Broemel's name on Bandcamp. I bought it and downloaded it since it was available in FLAC. It had some songs missing, so I sent Bandcamp a message about it. They said they didn't authorize it and that it was posted by someone trying to make some money and weren't associated with MMJ at all. They quickly took it down. They gave me my money back, if I remember right.

I made a Full Show Video using my MP3 songs paired with fan shot videos. It was in the early days of me doing this, so the quality and precision isn't all that great. I may try to do it better some day. Here's the link to the Unlisted video on my channel's Playlist.

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