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The Magnix MMJ Live Recordings Archive Project

Started by geekdork, Feb 04, 2007, 07:57 PM

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Hello All!
Hopefully it's alright to speak on behalf of Magnix...

Magnix is the guy that put together the first MMJ website and runs the show locater and Nashville to Kentucky site that we all love. Brian and myself have been talking to him lately and he is in possession of a mass of shows that don't ever get to see the light of day in most cases. He is attempting to get all that stuff out there starting with the oldest.

The first volume of this collection has been posted to the archive, you'll also find more information there about updating the show locater and such.
Take care and lets all give a shout out to Ger for getting this stuff out there as well as hosting and maintaining the site we use for reference.

Thank Ger!

The Magnix My Morning Jacket Live Recordings Archive

Volume 0 (MMMJLRA00 antipasto):
My Morning Jacket in studio live performance
"Local Live", KVRX 91.7FM, Austin, TX
October 15, 2000


Volume 1 (MMMJLRA01):
My Morning Jacket session & interview for "De Avonden",
VPRO Studio Amstel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands,
January 26, 2000


Volume 2 (MMMJLRA02):
My Morning Jacket radio session for "Club Lek",
VPRO Studio Amstel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands,
January 26, 2000


Volume 3 (MMMJLRA03):
My Morning Jacket "Club Brussel live op De Nachten",
Studio Brussel, Antwerp, Belgium
January 29, 2000


Volume 4 (MMMJLRA04):
My Morning Jacket
"De Nachten" festival, De Singel, Antwerp, Belgium
January 29, 2000


Volume 5a (MMMJLRA05a):
My Morning Jacket
"2 Meter Sessies", Byton Studios, Loosdrecht, The Netherlands
April 5, 2000


Volume 5b (MMMJLRA05b):
My Morning Jacket
"2 Meter Sessies", Byton Studios, Loosdrecht, The Netherlands
April 5, 2000


Volume 6 (MMMJLRA06):
My Morning Jacket
Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
April 8, 2000


Volume 7 (MMMJLRA07):
Jim James solo acoustic radio session
"Puls", Studio Brussel, Brussels, Belgium
April 10, 2000


Volume 8 (MMMJLRA08):
My Morning Jacket
Ancienne Belgique Club, Brussels, Belgium
April 15, 2000


Volume 9 (MMMJLRA09):
My Morning Jacket
Theater Romein, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
April 16, 2000


Volume 10 (MMMJLRA10):
My Morning Jacket
Swingin' Groningen Festival (outdoor), Grote Markt, Groningen, The Netherlands
July 7, 2000


Volume 11 (MMMJLRA11):
My Morning Jacket
Cactus Festival, Minnewaterpark, Brugge, Belgium (outdoor)
July 8, 2000


Volume 12 (MMMJLRA12):
My Morning Jacket
"Live Lunch", WFPK Radio, Louisville, KY
October 27, 2000


Volume 13 (MMMJLRA13):
Jim James solo acoustic
Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium
December 14, 2000


Volume 14 (MMMJLRA14):
Jim James solo acoustic
Ancienne Belgique Club, Brussels, Belgium
December 15, 2000 (early show)


Volume 15 (MMMJLRA15):
Jim James solo acoustic
In session for "duyster.", Studio Brussel, Brussels, Belgium
December 2000 (broadcast December 17, 2000)


Volume 16 (MMMJLRA16):
My Morning Jacket
Insomniacathon 2001, BRYCC House, Louisville, KY
February 24, 2001


Volume 17 (MMMJLRA17):
My Morning Jacket
radio session for "Club Lek",
VPRO Studio Amstel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands,
May 30, 2001


Volume s1 (MMMJLRAs1):
My Morning Jacket
University of Louisville, Gheens Planetarium; Louisville, KY
September 08, 2001


Volume 18 (MMMJLRA18):
My Morning Jacket
Live on the air for "Morning Becomes Eclectic",
KCRW 89.9FM, Santa Monica, CA, October 22, 2001


Volume 19 (MMMJLRA19):
My Morning Jacket
Rubber Gloves, Denton, TX
October 24, 2001


Volume 20 (MMMJLRA20):
My Morning Jacket
Headliners Music Hall, Louisville, KY
December 21, 2001


Volume 21 (MMMJLRA21):
My Morning Jacket
Exit/in, Nashville, TN
January 24, 2002


Volume 22 (MMMJLRA22):

My Morning Jacket
Troubadour, Hollywood, CA
January 30, 2002


Volume 23 (MMMJLRA23):

My Morning Jacket
The Galaxy, Santa Ana, CA
January 31, 2002


Volume 24 (MMMJLRA24):

My Morning Jacket
Trees; Dallas, TX
February 5, 2002


Volume 25 (MMMJLRA25):

My Morning Jacket
Rubber Gloves, Denton, TX
March 15, 2002


Volume 26 (MMMJLRA26):

My Morning Jacket
Hi Ho Lounge, New Orleans, LA
March 18, 2002


Volume 27 (MMMJLRA27):

My Morning Jacket
Common Grounds, Gainesville, FL
March 19, 2002


Volume 28 (MMMJLRA28):

My Morning Jacket
New World Brewery, Ybor City, Tampa, FL
March 20, 2002


Volume 29 (MMMJLRA29):

My Morning Jacket
The Earl, Atlanta, GA 
March 21, 2002


Volume 30 (MMMJLRA30):

My Morning Jacket
New Brookland Tavern, Columbia, SC 
March 23, 2002


Volume 31 (MMMJLRA31):

My Morning Jacket
Gate City Noise, Greensboro, NC
March 24, 2002


Volume 32 (MMMJLRA32):

My Morning Jacket
Mercury Lounge, New York, NY
March 29, 2002


Volume 33 (MMMJLRA33):

My Morning Jacket
Northsix, Brooklyn, NY
March 31, 2002


Volume 34 (MMMJLRA34):

My Morning Jacket
Mercury Lounge, New York, NY
April 1, 2002


Volume 35 (MMMJLRA35):

My Morning Jacket
Jillian's, Louisville, KY
April 30, 2002


Volume 36 (MMMJLRA36):

My Morning Jacket
Tennessee Theatre, Knoxville, TN
May 1, 2002


Volume 37 (MMMJLRA37):

My Morning Jacket
Metro/Smart Bar, Chicago, IL
June 4, 2002


Also visit links below for more of Ger's work:

"From Nashville To Kentucky"

the My Morning Jacket live archive 1999-2004

the My Morning Jacket Showfinder 1999-2007
Visit http://www.37flood.com for Louisville music news.
Also, http://www.koryjohnsonphotography.com

David A

Thank you much. Would you mind updating this thread when a new show gets posted? Is that the rocket man from the Early Recordings?


God will forgive them. He'll forgive them and allow them into Heaven.....I can't live with that.


Thanks Kory for starting this thread, I just sent you an email about it.

For those that haven't seen it yet, about two weeks ago I already uploaded a sort of appetizer to the Live Music Archive. It's the pre-FM recording of MMJ's session at KVRX radio in Austin, TX on October 15, 2000. This could be considered volume 0 in my project. It's not included in the numbering of the project, because I already torrented the same SHN-files back in 2003. Check it out here: http://www.archive.org/details/mmj2000-10-15.KVRX


QuoteIs that the rocket man from the Early Recordings?
No it's not. The Rocket Man on volume 1 of the Early Recordings discs is the same as originally released on the "Little Darla Has A Treat For You v.12" v/a CD. This CD is from July 1999, while the version for "De Avonden" was recorded on January 26, 2000. It's an amazing version I think. It was recorded in the stairwell of the studio, which gives the recording an extra dimension. For those who have seen the Dutch VPRO TV documentary "This Is Not America", the recording of this song can be seen in that documentary.

Information on all songs MMJ put out, can be found here: http://www.gerpotze.com/mymorningjacket/songlist.html. It has been awhile since it was last updated (April 2006), but it gives all information on where to find the 'old stuff'.

Another relevant link:
http://www.magnix.demon.nl/mmj/archive/setlists/000220.htm for information on the mentioned TV documentary

David A

thank you for the info. can't wait for the shows!


this is an exciting project indeed.  The opening of the vault!!!  Looking forward to filling in some holes in my collection.  Thanks to Ger and Kory!


Visit http://www.37flood.com for Louisville music news.
Also, http://www.koryjohnsonphotography.com


These are beautiful recordings! Thanks alot! Truely magical shows.

Mr. T.

Can I hear an AMEN!!!!

You guys are the best!

We are young despite the years,
we are concern,
we are hope despite the times


AMEN! Another one up, thanks to MagNIX!   :D :D :D :D
Visit http://www.37flood.com for Louisville music news.
Also, http://www.koryjohnsonphotography.com



1-26-00  :o This is very special. Thanks for bein so easy & sharing.  :)


Glad you all like it so far  8-). Volume 4 is being uploaded as we speak. I won't keep them coming this fast, as I soon have to rip 'new' discs, go through the recordings to check and repair any flaws (if present), encode to FLAC, and compile background information on the recording (source, lineage, and such). Just keep checking this thread.

I would also appreciate feedback on the Archive through the review-option offered there. It will help people who are not on this forum. Thanks.

The information on the years 1999-2002 on the showfinder (see the link in the first post of this thread) site has now been expanded with information about known recordings. If anyone has additional information or is sitting on any uncirculated recordings, please get in touch!

Mr. T.

Where, Oh where are the days when MMJ would come over to Belgium or Holland so frequently?

And why oh why didn't I knew My Morning Jacket back then


BTW, thanks again Ger!
We are young despite the years,
we are concern,
we are hope despite the times


HOLY SHMOKES!  How did I not notice this thread sooner.  Thank you Magnix!  You are the original MMJ archivist man!   [smiley=beer.gif]

I don't even know where to begin!!!
I'm digging, digging deep in myself, but who needs a shovel when you have a little boy like mine.


QuoteI don't even know where to begin!!!

Ehmm, what about volume 0 or 1  ;D

See the first post of this thread for links to the just added volumes 5a, 5b and 6. Also, a link to volume 7 will soon be added as well. All are small sets of files, but you all take your time downloading and listening to this stuff as volume 8 won't go up before the weekend ... that however will be a complete audience recorded show.


Volume 7 link updated above, I can't wait to listen to these Ger, Thanks!
Visit http://www.37flood.com for Louisville music news.
Also, http://www.koryjohnsonphotography.com


2 meter sessions!!!!  Yes!

I love this thread!  It makes me happy.

Thank you, Ger.  

Thank you, Kory.

Thank you, my morning jacket!


^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Volume 8 added!!! Woot!
Visit http://www.37flood.com for Louisville music news.
Also, http://www.koryjohnsonphotography.com