where the hell is Tracy

Started by TheBigBird, Jun 19, 2018, 08:00 PM

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Tracy are you hid out in Nashville? This is rccola. Hit me up brother :thumbsup:


Is this John? How you doing, Le Gros Poulet (The Big Chicken en francais)? I sent Tracy a message on Facebook. Most of the Forum headed there after 2012. Perhaps he'll be in touch. Hope all is well.
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Tracy 2112

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Jackets N Pones

Tracy your Wolverines are going down on Saturday


Tracy is a Michigan fan?

Sorry Jackets, I think the only way SMU scores on Michigan on Saturday is because the Wolverines have their 3rd string defense in at the end of the game...  :beer:

Jackets N Pones

Yes I think I remember Tracy being a Michigan fan during some of the NCAA Hoops threads but I could be wrong. We went to Ann Arbor for the game and had an awesome time. People there were incredibly welcoming. Ponies hung in there for a while too! Go Blue.