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Oct 20, 2021, 04:04 PM

Charley Crockett

Started by Jackets N Pones, Feb 09, 2019, 06:52 PM

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Jackets N Pones


very excited to find this thread existed though light activity..

Charley don't miss! Been a heavy listener for a few months now. Saw him perform a week or so ago, even met him before the show. Kind as hell.

New album today. The tribute to Slim is an amazing country album.
Don't you ever turn it off


Thanks for the heads up, love his voice and will def. be checking his music out soon!


The songwriting and his straightforward singing are so satisfying. Some of it sounds like classic soul music but with Texas twang and pedal steel guitar.

Jackets N Pones

We are going to see him Saturday at the State Fair of Texas!


how'd you enjoy the show Jackets?
Don't you ever turn it off