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Should I stay or should I go?!?

Started by mb34, Aug 02, 2019, 05:04 AM

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I'm feeling stuck! Initially, life prevented me from booking this Red Rocks run. Work, family, etc. Here I am at the 11th hour, and there's an opening. Frequent flyer miles working for last-minute airfare. A few friends already in Denver for the weekend jams so lodging is covered. Wife says I should go. There's an energy pushing me toward this trip in spite of the fact that I DON'T have show tickets and they are still nearly $200 on the resale markets.

So, good Jacket people - should I follow through and carry faith that I'll find reasonably priced tickets for each night? Ride on the energy and potential that this band creates, trust that it'll all work out if I go? I'm turning 45 next month, so perhaps this is the early birthday celebration?

Or do I pull the plug on the airline tix, and look forward to whatever is to come with the next iteration of MMJ 2020? I saw Jim in LA last fall and again in Portland a few weeks back. Have been to some great MMJ shows in the last 15 years. Could easily just let it go knowing I've had some wonderful experiences with this band, and recognizing that sometimes we need to just be ok with not getting what we want.

It seems like this should be an easier decision than I'm making it - it's Red Rocks after all. Why am I even hesitating?

Any and all thoughts (and/or actual tickets!) would be much appreciated. I've got 7 hours (until 9 am Friday Oregon time) to figure this out.

Many thanks and cheers to all heading to these shows and those who will be there in spirit!




All signs point to yes.  Seriously go, you've got miles to cover the flight, friends there with a place to stay, permission from the wife, and it looks like GO4IT's got you covered for ticket(s). 


I love that the first response (and a likely ticket source) is GO4IT. That's a sign!


Indeed! I haven't heard from GO4IT yet, but appreciate the replies here. Even my 10-year-old son is telling me to make the trip, and he cued up Circuital this morning.

So at this point, it's on! Still a little nervous, and didn't sleep much, but we only get one shot at this earthly ride so might as well live it up. Heading to the airport in 45 minutes.

I'll post an update or two if I can, and definitely will write a recap after the weekend. Even though I'm a lurker and not a poster, I love this community, and the energy alive within it.

Cheers to you all!