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Billy Strings

Started by pjthom30, Aug 07, 2019, 07:36 PM

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Really enjoyed the single today!


I just got a dose of SOUL Therapy last night in the Church of Strings!  HOLY POOP it was an Incredible Show!!!
It was thrilling to see the jams, on stage interaction and just the live music sound in a big room.  Boy have I missed that!!!

I feel like he and the band have certainly leveled up a few times since the last time I saw him 2 years ago.  The light show was incredible as well and they had some new lights with multiple colors/beam which I had never seen before. I woke up today tired but still with a mind blown.

They covered a Doors song that I wasn't familiar with or had forgotten.  It was a live debut :)

Setlist is here:

Next time I believe that he will be in a bigger venue.  I believe Billy is a musical savant and he was channeling everything last night!


I'm glad you enjoyed the show ChiefOKONO!  We saw Billy back in 2019 at Headliners in Louisville and it was a fantastic show, and we all said to each other afterwards that he was going to get really big and move up to bigger venues just like you said in your comments.


Right on!  I am very excited to hear the new album soon!!

Music is my savior these days.


I gotta get to one of his shows ASAP!!!  I've been really digging his collabs with Billy and the Kids!  He's an amazing talent!!!


oh and when he starting this acoustic solo and then turned on the pedal FX to switch to electric tone, I kind of flipped out!


this new album is incredible...

great story about his journey in the NYT too.

BMFS yall
Don't you ever turn it off

Come Closer

Gets better towards the end, but kind of a step back from Home. Sort of disappointing.


Thanks for the heads up parkervb, just looked up the article and looking forward to reading it!


Hell yes!  Well deserved!


Personally love the album and am going to be diving deeper with multiple listens.  The single/video In the Morning Light still slays me!


Billy announced some more shows and I was lucky enough to score tickets for two shows in Cincinnati at the new music venue on the riverfront.  I joined the fan club to get in on the presale but I was still only able to get GA seats because the reserved sections sold out in a flash (might try again Friday for general online sales to see if anything opens up).  I just checked StubHub and of course there are plenty of tickets that popped up at outrageous prices.



We're on the other side of the two shows mentioned above in Cincy and all I can say is next time around Billy is going to need an even bigger place to play.  The shows were at the new Andrew J Brady music center which holds 4500 in the configuration it was in for these shows which is a big step up from the last show we saw at Headliners which holds something like 700.  Interestingly they venue split the crowd between GA floor and the balcony when you entered the venue, so there was no way to go between the balcony and the floor once you were inside.  The GA floor was PACKED to the point where there was very little space to move around even all the way to the edges, and frankly we found it to be unenjoyable so for the second night we upgraded to balcony reserved seats which was much much better.  I can tell you we will never go through that GA floor experience again at this venue and they really should consider selling fewer tickets plain and simple.

Billy and the band are playing incredibly well and apparently they are livestreaming shows that sell out on nugs so we'll be enjoying some future shows that way for sure.  One really fun thing that happened at the second show was Billy saw a kid in the crowd down front so he had his people get the venue staff to pick him up and lift him over the front rail so he was out of the crowd crush and got the best seat in the house for the rest of the show.  Billy even knelt down to the kid and gave him what looked like a pick!  In spite of the attention he is getting Billy seems like a really down to earth guy and I look forward to seeing him again.


Billy announced two new shows in Buena Vista, CO at the Renewal Festival Sept. 23 & 24.  We went to Buena Vista this past spring break and had a great time.  This area has quite a few hot springs so if you are into that sort of thing I can't recommend it enough.  We had a house all to ourselves with a private hot spring tub overlooking the creek and all I can say is it was the best hot spring experience we have had so far (and we have had plenty)!  We're actually going back to the same place for Betsy's fall break which is why we're passing on this festival.  Looks like tickets go on sale Thursday if anyone is interested.  :beer:


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