Uniform Distortion tabs

Started by RobRoy286, Aug 27, 2019, 11:05 AM

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I got the chords of a few figured out. I have a basic version of All In Your Head but Jim is playing something differently. Can anyone help with that? Even with watching videos I'm really bad at knowing what I'm doing.


Just some basic chords...

You Get To Rome:
Verse - A, Bm,C#m, D
        A, E, A
Chorus - D, A, D, E

Yes to Everything:
Verse - E, C#m, A, E
Chorus - G#m, C#m, A, E
         G#m, C#m, A, B, E

Over and Over:
E, C#m, A, B7

Too Good to Be True:
(Capo 1st fret)
A, D, A
A, C#m, D, E
D, A, F#m
D, E, A

Flash in the Pan:
(Capo 1st fret)
A, D, C#m, D, E