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Started by millerjustin, Sep 19, 2019, 01:41 PM

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Charity Auction Alert! LIVE BIDDING NOW Through Thursday 9/19 8pm EST

2019 MMJ Red Rocks show posters auctioned to benefit the Jacktivists and Patrick's local Louisville music project. Offered up to the highest bidder are 4 Red Rocks posters, including:

Burwell/Reno RR1 113/614
 Burwell/Reno RR2 413/614
 RR VIP 240/550
 Helton RR Conscious Alliance 59/60 AE


What's in here won't disappear


$650 raised!

A Port Chester set will be offered next week - I'll post a notice in here beforehand (with a little more notice this time....)
What's in here won't disappear