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SG Goodman - Old Time Feeling (Produced by Jim)

Started by sweatboard, Jul 18, 2020, 12:09 AM

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I'm digging this record.  I gave it a shot because I tend to trust Jim's taste.  Looks like it was recorded at La La Land.  She has a really cool voice and just an overall nice vibe. Some great lyrical moments.....

Living off of gas station delicacies
What they're feeding us
Gas station delicacies
What they see in us

Timothy Showalter USED to have the record for biggest blunt recorded at La La Land...

We Could All Be Lovers & Friends


I'm digging this album too. Jim picked a good one to get involved with here.
It's the art of feelin' naked in your clothes


this is a fantastic album.  well done ms. goodman and mr. james!


Just picked this up.  Looking forward to the full listen after hearing Old Time Feeling.
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