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May 17, 2021, 08:36 AM

Columbus 2012

Started by WeeksByDays, Jul 18, 2020, 01:49 AM

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This is finally up on Internet Archives. God bless whoever uploaded it. This show is one of my white whales. Best Steam Engine I've ever heard live!!! Patrick kills it on drums! Also, that Come Closer!!!



Thanks so much for the heads up...nice to finally have the full show.
The other recording I have is missing the first 3 songs.
Totally agree with you about Steam Engine.
This is the best performance I've seen & what a GREAT way to end the show!!
Out go the lights, it begins...


Nice find! I am so pumped that this show is finally available in its full form. I was not there but the hype by so many fans of the years has always had me intrigued. Its sounds much better than the mp3 version that was on Soundcloud too. I listened to Come Closer and Steam on my drive home from work. Also did you all notice the 2010 Columbus show was uploaded by the same taper?!?! Im pretty sure that this is the first surfaced recording of that show.



it remains one of their most full force shows ever...listen to that grinding fuzz bass on half the tracks? where is this intensity now? the band should play the songs with such ferocity as the Columbus show. It just makes me realize how fortunate I was to see them on that August 2012 tour.
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theres some moments in the 2019 shows where the distortion and fuzz was squealing and intensive and verrrrrry heavy. for some reason, they played every song at Columbus in this mindset. It's very interesting. I think Bo's family and friends and Carl's were there and they all had a get together or something before or after, who knows, but the band are in such a celebratory vibe here.
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Columbus 2012 has been added to Nugs.net as a high quality streamable show. praise be.


Quote from: jttouch2 on Aug 05, 2020, 03:21 PMColumbus 2012 has been added to Nugs.net as a high quality streamable show. praise be.

i got so excited i genuinely thought i might pass out when i saw it up earlier today. this is so fucking rad!
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