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My Morning Jacket @ Forecastle Festival, Louisville, KY 2012 (1080p/3.6GB mp4)

Started by johnnYYac, Aug 08, 2020, 04:09 PM

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Close enough!

Mr. White

Quote from: johnnYYac on Aug 08, 2020, 04:09 PMMy Morning Jacket @ Forecastle Festival, Louisville, KY 2012 (1080p/3.6GB mp4)


Thanks John!
I was having issues getting my downloader program to do it without problems. I was able to get the lower quality version to download, but now I have the best one available!
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THANK YOU JOHNNY!!!! What a fun event that was with all ya'll fans, hope you guys watched til the very end there was some hilarious thing about bananas after the credits and during the credits they credit Ryan Pickett as: Ryan "Grandma" Pickett.

fucking love this band. that show is so heavy. The Dark into Holdin On was heavy as fuuuuuck. the second the first note of Holdin comes in it's very appropriate right then. that song is always so bizarre to me but it really really really works in a place like Forecastle 2012 right after The Dark, it just worked.

Seeing them less than a month after this that same summer, what a tour....
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