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May 15, 2021, 06:52 AM

WFPK NYE Broadcast

Started by ranyart, Dec 16, 2020, 06:34 PM

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Join us Thursday, December 31st at 10 pm for an exclusive broadcast of My Morning Jacket's 2017 New Year's Eve set, recorded live at the 1st Bank Center in Broomfield, Colorado. The band delivered a perfect blend of classic original material and an eclectic mix of unexpected covers resulting in a stunning musical showcase from one of the best live bands in the world!

Thank you WFPK!!!


WFPK's Kyle Meredith talks to My Morning Jacket drummer Patrick Hallahan and spins some MMJ before the concert begins. Patrick recalls the bands' state of mind before the 2017 NYE show and gives us a peak at future plans!

–NYE  BROADCAST (10:10 pm–12:30 am)
Your stay-at-home NYE includes an exclusive broadcast of My Morning Jacket's 2017 NYE show at 1st Bank Center in Broomfield, CO!


Patrick's interview was very insightful. He's as pumped up to play for us all again as much as we are to see them. Happy New Year all, here's to better things ahead in 2021. :beer:
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Happy New Year everybody!!

here's Patrick's interview from last night


Great interview, thanks for posting. Happy new year folks!


We really enjoyed WFPK's MMJ NYE programming last night.  Patrick sounded great and it was good fun hearing him talking about Waterfall II, recording the new album with only the band present for the first time, and especially his excitement about returning to touring.  The 2017 NYE show broadcast was awesome, sounded great (where do we get a copy of what they broadcast?), and brought back a flood of fun memories of that trip.

Thanks again to WFPK and MMJ for making this happen, and we look forward to hearing the new album seeing you as soon as possible (hopefully in 2021!!!) and beyond.


I recorded the broadcast but the recording software crapped out halfway through Thank You. I can track it out and share it sometime this week, it'll just be missing the last 3 songs, unfortunately.


The 12/31/17 show on Relisten is soundboard.  The app has tons of great stuff.

Thanks for posting the Patrick interview.  As much as we all so appreciate and love the band, it sounds like their level of appreciation for us fans is on the same level.  I heard that in other interviews, but to hear Patrick say it so sincerely brought a smile to my face.  It was interesting to learn about the hiatus and lack of any MMJ plans at all three years ago.  I'm glad they found their spark again.