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At Dawn 20th Anniversary Release

Started by MMJTX, Jan 18, 2021, 05:11 PM

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It is so refreshing and revelatory to listen to At Dawn again, since it had been a long time for me.   It's interesting to hear where they were at this point in their lives.
Jim seemed to have several low moments and perhaps depression.

Can't wait to check out the acoustic disc next!


The acoustic show is wonderful!  I had never heard it before and I heard at least a couple of songs that I'd never heard acoustically before :)



Can't wait to read that thank you!


Ok, that article was so well written.  I wish that he would write about all of their albums now!!!


Oh boy:

3xLP preorders will ship ASAP starting in order first received. The pressing plant has confirmed our order is on track to ship to us by Friday, April 23, therefore we are looking forward to begin shipping orders starting Monday, May 3. Thank you for your patience.
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Anyone received updates on this?


Quote from: MMJTX on May 13, 2021, 12:49 PMAnyone received updates on this?

just crickets. they only pressed 2000 and didn't even sell out until semi-recently, i have no clue what's taking them so long to get these sent out.
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There's been a semi-recent update on Darla's site: "VINYL UPDATE: At Dawn: 20th Anniversary Edition 3xLP preorders started shipping on May 3 *in order of first received*. You will receive a confirmation email with tracking number once your order is shipped. It may take 3-4 weeks to get all shipped. Please know we're working overtime to get all 2000 orders out ASAP along with all the other orders and work at hand. Thank you for your patience."

No clue why it's taking this long either. If the LPs had arrived to them on time, as expected, would it still have taken them 3-4 weeks to ship them? It doesn't make sense.


ya don't make no sense, i pretty much ordered the second i saw the first email from Darla so had to be one of the first to order, it's been almost 2 weeks since May 3rd and i still have no received a shipping confirmation. Oh well, im sure we'll get them eventually was just curious if anyone else had heard anything, thanks Angelo