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2006-11-17 Gypsy Tea Room - New to Archive

Started by cgreen2599, Mar 08, 2021, 10:10 PM

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This show has been available in the past, but was not on Archive.

It's the only time ever Sweetheart has been played. It also contains a saxless Dondante. I guess Jim was in his own world or something as he goes on a distortion filled jam and gets weird with his pedals to finish out the last section of the song.


If someone has a copy of the first night 11-16 please let me know.


Thanks for upping these shows!  :headphones:

Much appreciated.
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Jackets N Pones

Thank you! My first MMJ show ever. Hopefully they got Jim talking about eating Cafe Brazil in Reunion Tower and how Dallas skyline reminds him of Tron.

Come Closer

Very cool. Sweetheart needs a bust out.

I think Red Rocks 2015 was a saxless Dondante, with a slick little segue into the end of Lay Low.