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Louisville's Headliners Music Hall receives support from new venue recovery fund

Started by ranyart, Mar 09, 2021, 09:07 AM

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Lots of epic shows at Headliners Music Hall over the years including many from MMJ.  Turns out they are the first venue to participate in this program after the owners put the building up for sale because of the virus mess.

"They just purchased the property — the long-term lease. More importantly, we've got an option to buy it back," Headliners co-owner Joe Argabrite said. "It's been amazing to hear people genuinely cheer that we are going to make it."

This is great news folks!!!  Looking forward to seeing you there sooner than later!!!


This makes me very happy. Ive seen so many shows at Headliners and it broke my heart when it went up for sale last year. I cant wait to be back in that room enjoying great music. Also excited to see what the renovations are like.