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New full show on youtube 2006-09-05 Pavilhao Atlantico - Lisbon, Portugal

Started by cgreen2599, Mar 11, 2021, 07:43 PM

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I found this last night. Maybe it has been around before but it's new to me. It was uploaded to a Pearl Jam page a few days ago. This show is from when they opened for PJ. The set is only 43 minutes but all bangers. It's amateur video shot from the crowd from afar but I kind of dig the authentic style of it. Carl is unfortunately out of the frame for alot of the show though.


1. Dancefloors
2. What A Wonderful Man
3. One Big Holiday
4. Gideon
5. Off The Record
6. Anytime
7. Lay Low
8. Run Thru


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