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It must be festival season

Started by Jbpats, Mar 22, 2021, 10:12 AM

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Because the MMJ headlining bonnaroo rumors are running rampant right now.

They'll supposedly be replacing Oysterhead.

Lineup is supposedly dropping tomorrow/this week.

Hopefully it's true!


Great lineup. Would be fun to get back on The Farm.

With this September date (Sat, 9/4), here's to hoping to we get some fall tour dates around that time frame as well.

MMJ is long overdue for another Knoxville visit (2015 was the last, 2006 was before that). I could see them making a stop at Ascend in Nashville that weekend.

dookie shoot bandit

I'm pretty sure all at attendance will be in for a major treat! By the sound of every one of Jim's interviews, he can't wait to get back on that stage. If they get that late night set on Saturday, they just may go on to beat their own record from 2008, and play like 5 hours! Hahah

But excellent news! Cheers to some more announcements in the very near future with possible tour dates scheduled and new album release date!


Looks very promising for at least a mini-tour in September! Guessing there's pretty much zero chance they'll play Canada, so praying the border is open for a trip down to see the boys in the fall!