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UPROXX: The Best My Morning Jacket Songs, Ranked

Started by CC, Apr 09, 2021, 01:32 AM

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Steven Hyden writes about his 30 favorite My Morning Jacket songs:

"Lately, I've been thinking a lot about My Morning Jacket.

There are at least three reasons for this. The first is the 20th anniversary of their second album, At Dawn, which is this week. While it was preceded by their 1999 debut, The Tennessee Fire, At Dawn in many ways feels like the actual first MMJ record. Just the title alone evokes something essential about the MMJ ethos — it suggests the start of a journey, bathed in gorgeous yellow light, toward an uncertain but exciting destination. This is conveyed musically on At Dawn by a heart-busting, reverb-drenched sprawl that would come to define them, as well as numerous classics that remain fixtures of their setlists.

Oh yes, setlists. This leads me to the second reason why MMJ is on my brain lately: This is one of the most talented live rock bands of the last 25 years, and I desperately yearn to see extremely gifted rock bands in concert right now. This is true, of course, because of the pandemic. But also because we're in the midst of early spring, and My Morning Jacket is always a band I put on once the snow melts away and I'm able to hang outside again. (Spring is the third reason I'm fixated on MMJ right now.)

Here are the 30 songs I consider to be My Morning Jacket's best. Oh shit run ... toward these great jams:




Great list and a great reminder that ....

2019 RR Nite 2 must be released....POST HASTE


To be expected, but a pretty garbage generic list.


 "At the 2:02 mark of this song, Jim James starts screaming over guitar and keyboard arpeggios. And then he screams even louder. And then he screams even louder. If this makes you feel exhilarated, you are my people and I vow to help you out the next time you have to move. If this makes you feel nothing, why in the hell are you still reading?"

I LUVed that....


That's an OK list but I'd have tossed In Its Infancy, Feel You, The Bear, Victory Dance, They Ran and Easy Morning Rebel in there too. I think Gideon might be my no.1 though, most MMJ songs come and go from my rotations/playlists but that song just sticks with me. It was also the song that finally got my boyfriend interested in the band after years of trying.

(Unrelated to MMJ but - I didn't like the immediate pop at YYYs :cry: They're a great band. Mosquito is a world class stoner record! Creepy, layered, strange, fun, underrated! - Anyone reading this whilst high, do yourself a favour, go to that album!)
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