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Started by searchinbig, Apr 14, 2021, 10:53 AM

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Hi Folks,

My son is a volunteer on The Appalachian Trail and maintains part of it in New York State. When he hiked this part of the trail by the Palisades Parkway he saw how really dangerous this section is for hikers to cross. Some of you I'm sure are avid hikers and may know this area.

He has started a petition for a hiker cross over for safety of hikers, etc. If anyone could sign the petition we would certainly appreciate it!! Might be a pipe dream at this point but it's certainly worth trying.

Thanks to all you kind folks!  <3


"Somewhere out there is a land that's cool, where peace and balance are the rule."

Mr. White

I just now signed it!

Hope it helps out.

I've hiked the "Smokey Mountains" part of the Appalachian Trail on the border between Tennessee and North Carolina 3 times, for 4 to 5 day hikes, staying in the official lean-tos in 1985, 1993, & 1996 with my former high school science teacher and his former and current students and some friends. I loved it, even though it was very difficult for me, especially coming down on that last day of that last trip.
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Thanks Mr. White!!

My son has actually attended the Trail Days Festival in Virginia and knows several through hikers. That must be some accomplishment!

It's a blessing to have these outdoor spaces available to us all.
"Somewhere out there is a land that's cool, where peace and balance are the rule."