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Roll Call- Birmingham, AL (10/29/21)

Started by ellisintransit, May 19, 2021, 11:09 AM

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Hoping to add myself to this list today haha. I am trying to understand how the tickets are selling for this show. Was yesterday VIP presale and today is regular presale? Also, were you able to receive a presale code for today's tickets? I didn't see anything come through my email for this one. Anyway, I was just wondering if you had any pointers on getting tickets today. Can't wait for the show!

Robert Cannon

1.) ellisintransit  :cheesy:
2.) unravelled + 6

easy way

1.) ellisintransit  :cheesy:
2.) unravelled + 6
3.) easy way + Mrs. easy way (aka: Windeon)
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Robert Cannon

Is anyone travelling as a couple that could part w a VIP poster?  I totally screwed up that presale and had to go secondary market.

Hit me up 205-876-5779!!

Or hit me up if you wanna meet up w.my crew for preshow drinks or post show festivities!!

Can not WAIT!!!

1st show post album release!

Here's a little MMJ Alabama Theatre trivia for ya.
-Last show there in 4/20/10
-Four songs were debuted at that show including Losin' Yo Head, Friends Again, Mother-in-law, and Carnival Time. 

Potential debuts for tomorrow include "Still Thinkin" and "Beautiful Live (Wasn't Enough)" from WF II.

From My Morning Jacket, all of these have yet to be performed...

"Least Expected", "The Devil's in the Details", "Complex", "Out of Range, Pt. 2", "Penny for Your Thoughts" and "I Never Could Get Enough".

My personal white whales are Sooner, Come Closer, and Chills.