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Started by johnnYYac, Jun 23, 2021, 01:37 PM

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I've been asked by management to stop selling my bumper stickers. I was offering them at break-even pricing, but the issue is use of logos and the band's name. They hinted at some bumper stickers coming from their official merch store in the future. I apologize for crossing the line. Just wanted to share the love. Thanks.
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John you always share the love!!!  :thumbsup:

Thanks for the offer brother!
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No apologies, we should be thanking you! Thank you for getting the band to make some stickers

Jackets N Pones

What if you sold an omnichord emoji sticker? I would put that on my truck in a heartbeat
Here it is, in its entirety, our cover of ELO's Telephone Wire


sorry Johnny! well i'm never gonna take your stickers off my car or guitar cases or amps.
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