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6-24-2011 The Fox Theatre Oakland, CA - New To Archive

Started by cgreen2599, Aug 14, 2021, 02:37 PM

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This recording has been around for awhile, but I've uploaded it to Archive for the masses.
Pretty unique show in that there's a double encore. Guest spots from M. Ward and Pres Hall. Also get Dondante in the encore slot which is very cool.

It's supposedly ripped from the soundboard and sounds quite great, however Jim's voice causes a little crackling in the mic at times.



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Jackets N Pones

One shot at redemption


Such a fun show!

Super cool 20ish minute documentary/interview thing from the show in case anyone hasn't seen it...


Jackets N Pones

Love this short doc and had fun finding us on the rail! :cheesy:  :cheesy:
One shot at redemption


"Did he just put on a cape?"


One of my favorite shows. Very very interesting Mahgeetah
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the Smokin->Run Thru is a transition in the encore
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