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Vaccine required for Chicago, NOLA, Denver?!!????

Started by Tjefferson, Aug 16, 2021, 11:32 PM

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it is the best possible way forward to a very shitty situation. It's their decision (or in some circumstances, the venue or promotor) to decide under what conditions they are willing to put themselves into. If they only feel comfortable being in tight spaces with vaccinated individuals that is their choice (and an extremely smart and educated choice at that). You also have the choice of with whom you are willing to share your space with, but you have no right to call them out on their decisions. For whatever reason, you are choosing to ignore science...that is your choice. And as you hopefully learned as a child...your choices have consequences. This is called life.


Hopefully you all recognize that this policy was changed after tickets were sold.  Despite being a fan of this band for the past 15+ years, I wouldn't be here posting if that didn't happen.

Also, I respect your personal decision either to take or not take the vaccine.  Please respect my personal private decision.

Never in my life have I been required to provide personal health information prior to entering a concert.  I am not comfortable with this and it makes me wonder what other new things in the future I will have to comply with in order to enter a concert.  This sets a dangerous precedent and I personally am not comfortable or happy with it.

I'll leave you all with a link to a recent CDC study where ~75% of the people who contracted Covid were already vaccinated.  Seems to me a negative Covid test prior to entry to a concert would be a lot safer than proof of vaccine.  Unless that changes, enjoy the Chicago shows!


I'm with ya TJ this is nutty stuff and very hard to deal with.  People are facing choices they haven't had to contemplate for generations.  The CDC study you reference is exactly why folks have their panties in a bunch right now.

One important thing to note about this study is the four items in the Discussion section which you can see below, and the first one seems to say you can't really draw clear lines about any of this which is what makes the whole situation so darn tough and so subject to change.  Sounds like the school might shutdown here sooner than later, and it literally just opened its doors.


"The findings in this report are subject to at least four limitations. First, data from this report are insufficient to draw conclusions about the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines against SARS-CoV-2, including the Delta variant, during this outbreak. As population-level vaccination coverage increases, vaccinated persons are likely to represent a larger proportion of COVID-19 cases. Second, asymptomatic breakthrough infections might be underrepresented because of detection bias. Third, demographics of cases likely reflect those of attendees at the public gatherings, as events were marketed to adult male participants; further study is underway to identify other population characteristics among cases, such as additional demographic characteristics and underlying health conditions including immunocompromising conditions.*** MA DPH, CDC, and affected jurisdictions are collaborating in this response; MA DPH is conducting additional case investigations, obtaining samples for genomic sequencing, and linking case information with laboratory data and vaccination history. Finally, Ct values obtained with SARS-CoV-2 qualitative RT-PCR diagnostic tests might provide a crude correlation to the amount of virus present in a sample and can also be affected by factors other than viral load."


I'm truly surprised by some of your reactions to a rational post.  It's part of the reason I loved this band was the diverse and seemingly acceptable group of people no matter what somebody's beliefs.  I promise you I have my personal reasons for not vaccinating and waiting to see what happens period.  I will not be forced or coerced to do something I don't want to do.  Slippery slope for sure.  Hope everyone a safe time at the shows and I will be there in spirit.  It's been a fun run for sure and had many great times and hate to see people divided by this or any other polarized situation we find ourselves in.


They don't have a choice in NOLA or Denver.

Looks like the venue in Chicago is only requiring proof of vaccine or negative test.

I would be stunned if there are any indoor venues not requiring proof of vaccination by the time these shows roll around...... if they happen at all.

Robert Cannon

I think most of tired of people not listening to their doctors and negatively impacting vaccinated people's lives and health.

My new pet peeve is people saying they respect everyone's desire to research the issue for themselves. Just ask your doctor.


Never in my life have I been required to provide personal health information prior to entering a concert.
Who on earth has? Certainly no one posting here. There was a major event over the past two years and this is the generally accepted best way to go forward with indoor live music. Things have gotten worse since tickets went on sale. Depending on what news source you believe, the majority of them state the reason for the increase in infections is due primarily to the unvaccinated. It is not rocket science. And this is not the first time in your life you will have an event that is negative and unprecedented.


The black/whiteness of "vaccinated people can still get/spread covid" seems to ignore orders of magnitude. Vaccinated people are way less likely to get it. I don't think it's entirely clear how well that holds up with delta, but I saw one stat that said it still reduces transmission even for delta by 60%. That's a greatly reduced number and can certainly reduce the odds that a concert becomes a super spreader event.

Now, if they wanted to encourage even the vaccinated to have a negative test I'd be fine with that... but yes, of course there's an agenda to get vaccines in arms and stop a pandemic. I would expect that to be the agenda of any government, and I would expect it to be the agenda of a band whose livelihood depends on it. "Agenda" being thrown around like it's a negative word... of course governments have agendas, and when there's a disease killing people unnecessarily I'd expect stopping it to be at the top of that agenda.


I should be allowed to drive drunk.  I have personal and/or religious reasons for not calling a cab and i dont exactly buy the "data" about alcohol related automobile deaths.  All that stuff is political.  My dad drove home from the bar 4-5 nights a week and never had a problem.  I hear they are now administering blood tests!  To me, thats a private health matter.   

First they take your keys, then they take your blood...this country is going to shit. 



You know what pisses me off? The people that bitch the most about any type of precaution for a global pandemic are the ones keeping us in this longer.


Quote from: Cameron on Aug 18, 2021, 09:13 AMYou know what pisses me off? The people that bitch the most about any type of precaution for a global pandemic are the ones keeping us in this longer.

If you don't know for yourself, how could you ever know for me....


Quote from: Tjefferson on Aug 16, 2021, 11:32 PMI was extremely disturbed to see that they will only accept proof of vaccine for entry into the Chicago, Denver, and New Orleans shows.

I have tickets to Chicago but will not be going anymore if this is going to be enforced.  This is completely unacceptable and a deal breaker for me.  They've lost a fan over this.  I've been a fan since 2005 and haven't seen them in years but this is unbelievable.

If anyone from MMJ is reading this, please change this policy or you've lost a long time fan forever.

This is related to the AEG announcement that after October 1, they will require vaccinations rather than something coming from MMJ directly.


This whining about why aren't vaccinated people also required to get a negative test coming from people who aren't vaccinated can stop. If you are annoyed you have to jump through hoops don't go to the show. But don't act like your beef is that there could be vaccinated people wandering around the show with covid and that this policy isn't doing enough to keep people safe. If you cared at all about staying safe from covid, then you'd probably be vaccinated.


Quote from: Tjefferson on Aug 17, 2021, 05:26 PMNever in my life have I been required to provide personal health information prior to entering a concert.

gonna go out on a limb here and assume that perhaps this is the first global pandemic of your lifetime as well? Coincidence maybe?


Quote from: walterfredo on Aug 18, 2021, 05:04 PM
Quote from: Tjefferson on Aug 17, 2021, 05:26 PMNever in my life have I been required to provide personal health information prior to entering a concert.

gonna go out on a limb here and assume that perhaps this is the first global pandemic of your lifetime as well? Coincidence maybe?
The biggest "NO SHIT!" of the year.


Quote from: Tjefferson on Aug 16, 2021, 11:32 PMyou've lost a long time fan forever.

Their concern for this (whether it's you or someone you may infect and kill) is exactly why they are asking you to get vaccinated


Quote from: Tjefferson on Aug 17, 2021, 07:46 AMWhat is so great about the decision?  Why not require only negative tests since vaccinated people can still contract and spread the virus?  What about people who have already been infected and have natural immunity?  What about people who can't get the vaccine for medical reasons?  What about people who can't get the vaccine for personal or religious reasons?

Does none of that matter to you because you got the vaccine?

What is so great about having to provide personal medical information prior to entering a concert?  You don't see anything wrong with this?

Again, this policy is POINTLESS if vaccinated people can still contract and spread the virus.  Where is the common sense?  Or is Chicago, MMJ and others trying to leverage a concert (of which I have already purchased tickets) to force me into a medical procedure!?!  Not going to happen.

100% AGREED! The "vaccinated only" pit at the Dead & Company shows just fucking sprouted an outbreak....
the vaccines are doing nothing to stop this virus and it's ridiculous to enforce these things. Look at how other countries are successfully handling Covid...none of them are doing segregationist bullshit like this.
I get why the venues, the road crews, the bands are all gung ho on this, but it's really dumb....it's actually going to cause an even bigger lockdown in my opinion.
Vaxxers, who never wear masks, are the new super spreaders.
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whoever said all the people dying are unvaccinated is just not in reality.
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hate to see fans so grossly aggressive about this issue.
I believe in vaccines, just not one that was rushed as insanely fast as this one....and not one made by these pharma companies, hell no.
They're profiting big time off of this pandemic and they don't really give a damn if it's going to increase or decrease Covid from the population, it's all about making sure the money can keep rolling in for the big machine, that includes the concert industry.
Seeing fans go after each other over personal choices, sometimes beyond people's control like myself, is disgusting. This whole pro-vaxxer crusade is getting really gross, where anything from money to concerts to "you won't get as good of care if you're unvaccinated and have covid" are used as incentives to terrify and force decisions....
I don't like any of this.
I recently went and saw Wilco and Flaming Lips, 3/4 of the crowd were maskless.
That's the problem, not the vaccine. It's the damn masks that people need to be wearing and adhering to, and if they did, we could have concerts.
I love everybody on this forum, but frankly the lines that are being drawn about this are fucked up....anyone who's against your opinion must be "anti science" must be "pro Trump" must be really stupid, etc upon etc, like the unvaccinated are willingly killing people....
If you believe that, then look at the current rates of hospitalizations, which are higher than at ANY TIME during 2020, and you can see the vaccine is doing nothing but prolong this sense of "normalcy" while these rich fuckers line their pockets.

I never see unvaccinated or anti-vaccine people going around and telling people DON'T TAKE THIS! DON'T TAKE THIS!
I only see the vaccinated freaking out at everyone like they're William Calley.

We are all going to look back on this era one day and say "my god...how could we get our Covid response so wrong? From the panic, the delirium of Summer 2020's violent chaos to now a segregationist, classist society based on what you've injected.

btw, listen to your doctor? my doctor has a master's in micro-biology and bio-pharmaceuticals and a lot of other fancy dancy things, and let me tell you this....that man isn't anti vaccine, he's not anti -mask, but he haaaaates this vaccine. He refused to take it, he tells any patients under the age of 40 not to, and I think the guy is awesome for actually researching something hardcore and questioning it, not just making up his mind and cutting off the other half of the population like they're lepers.

It's fucking disturbing........this is worse than Orwellian projections
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Quote from: Lonndown27 on Aug 27, 2021, 04:21 PMwhoever said all the people dying are unvaccinated is just not in reality.

The vast majority of those hospitalized are unvaccinated. If you're reading anything differently you should question the source. I work in healthcare and talk to doctors and nurses every single day. They ALL say the same thing.