Patrick - New Drums Arrangement

Started by TheKnoxvilleBear, Aug 30, 2021, 04:51 PM

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Noticed Patrick is using his kit from The Waterfall Tour (brown C&C drums), but he decided to remove the second tom and added a second kick drum that looks a little bigger than his other one.

This is totally different set up than normal. Pretty sure he's always used the two up two down (four toms) arrangement. I thought was cool to see him switch it up. Probably gives him a new perspective on playing.

Side Note:

Was able to catch the guys at Railbird on Saturday and it was so good to see them back on stage again. They sounded great and it was my girlfriend's first MMJ show and she loved it. My favorite quote from her was as they took the stage. Jim was wearing the cape, was into the first few verses of Victory Dance and she goes..

"He looks like Zach Galifiankis! I like thim!"  :grin: