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Greek Theater Berkeley CA - Selling 2 Love & Sound VIP Package Tix

Started by djrog, Sep 06, 2021, 05:18 PM

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Have to travel now, crushed to be missing the best band in the world.

Tickets were $228/piece ($199+$29.45 in fees). Hoping for face value but best offer takes it.

Details on the Package:

One (1) early entry general admission ticket or premium reserved ticket in the first 15 rows*
Limited edition show-specific poster, signed and numbered by the poster artist
Exclusive My Morning Jacket x Osprey backpack**
My Morning Jacket earplugs and carrying case
Merchandise shopping opportunity before general doors
On-site event host

Note on checking in:

Q: I purchased a package as a gift, but I will not be in attendance. How can my friend and family member pick up their ticket on my behalf?

A: You can do what is called an alternate pick-up! Simply provide the new guest with:

A photocopy of your photo ID
A photocopy of the credit card used during the purchase process
A note authorizing the new guest to check in for your order.


Pretty sure this is the Greek Theater in Berkeley show.  Am I right?
Cuz it's been so long since someone shattered me.


You sir are correct (facepalm). I guess it makes me feel slightly better that I wouldn't have been able to go anyway haha (thought it was in LA), but now even harder for me to unload.

Let me know if anyone's interested!