My Morning Jacket: Early Recordings Chapter 1 and 2 now on vinyl

Started by DirtyPancho, Oct 27, 2021, 01:43 PM

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It was added to another thread but definitely deserves its own.  Very excited too.  As I mentioned in yet another thread, I'm most excited to have "sunrides and the girls scream/I will be there when you die" off of Chapter 2 on vinyl, which may be my favorite Jim vocal on record.

Jackets N Pones

Awesome, thanks for sharing! I remember loving volume 2, need to go back and listen but there are definitely some gems on there. Also who is credited for the harmonica on these tracks? I have always wondered, needs to be brought back from time to time!
Here it is, in its entirety, our cover of ELO's Telephone Wire


I received LP copies of both Early Recordings Chapter 1 the Sandworm Cometh and Chapter 2 Learning.

It's been about 12 or 13 years since I've given either a dedicated listen and I wasn't ready for either at the time I aquired them.  Still a budding young jacket head!!

Lots of goodness spread across both chapters.

Darla also did an outstanding job of matching the colors, black and ghost white w 1, and orange and blue variants w 2.

Good pressing at 45 rpm.