Yesterday's Tornado Outbreak

Started by ranyart, Dec 12, 2021, 03:36 PM

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This will probably turn out to the the longest track tornado in US history something like 225 miles. People are finding debris over 100 miles from where it came from.

I've been around tornadoes pretty much all my life. I remember when I was a kid see my first one as it came down out of the clouds over our house and proceeded to wipe out a big swath of where we lived just to the east of us. I remember the 1974 outbreak and what it did to our part of the world. We've had several tornadoes around us where we live now. All I can say is 11 December 2021 literally blows them all away in comparison. And they are saying there's a chance of another big storm this week...

My thoughts and prayers go out to the people who lost their lives in Western Kentucky and elsewhere, and their family and friends who are left to pickup the pieces.

Mr. White

Thanks for thinking of us all here in Kentucky ranyart. I'm from Muhlenberg County where Bremen is that got hit pretty hard. We were also pretty close to the community of Dawson Springs too.

There's always a lot to say, but I can't do it right now. Things are pretty tough mentally right now. However, there are people helping all over the country regarding this terrible weather disaster.

Folks here in Kentucky are stepping up to help. Friends of MMJ and collaborators Ben Sollee and Daniel Martin Moore were doing a 3 night run of Happy Hollerdays shows here in Kentucky to showcase Appalachia traditions and music. The first night of the shows was up in Louisville. I was at this show. The tornados were hitting the state right during our show. The next day, they took the show to Winchester, Kentucky (near Lexington) but decided to shift the money from the Kentucky Natural Lands Trust to the Western Kentucky Tornado Relief fundraiser. I didn't go to the Winchester show, but I did take my wife to the Hopkinsville show (Christian County, Kentucky where my father's side of the family is from). The show was very emotional. I'll let the post from Ben tell the rest of the story about the shows, the money, the music and artists, and how you can help and enjoy some fantastic music (including a song by Jim).

"Happy Hollerdays 2021 was meant to be a few shows to begin an annual concert series celebrating and incorporating the very best of Kentucky's and Appalachia's music, literature, and dance, all while raising funds and awareness for important causes. This year, the beneficiary was set to be Kentucky Natural Lands Trust.

But things changed on the night of the first show, December 10th. Horrific storms swept across the state and the region. Many lives were lost, communities devastated. We weren't sure whether to go on or not. The lands trust, to their enormous credit, was first to suggest that we divert the funds from the shows to storm relief efforts. The idea grew from there. By the 15th we'd decided to release recordings from the shows as a further fundraiser. Then we started sending messages out to friends asking if they'd like to contribute.

Within 48 hours we had a staggering 52 tracks ranging from home recordings to live performances to phone demos to studio records. We hope you enjoy this music, and we are beyond grateful to the brilliant artists - always wanting to help - who have given freely of their work here, most of which has never before been released. All proceeds from the sales of this collection go directly to the Team Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund.

Our very best wishes to you & yours,

- Ben & Daniel

Contributing Artists

Becki Romans, Ben Sollee & Kentucky Native, Ben Sollee and Jordon Ellis, Billy McAfee, Blakeley Burger, Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Brian Schreck, Britton Patrick Morgan, Cheyenne Mize, Cornbread & Tortillas, CornMaiz, Dan Dorff Jr., Daniel Martin Moore, Dawn Landes & Wes Morehead, Floating Action, Haley, Happy Hollers, Heather Summers, Hollerhead, Jason Tyler Burton, Jeremy Pinnell, Jeremy Ylvisaker with Shahzad Ismaily & Chico Perez, Joan Shelley, Joe Manning, Katie Toupin, Lacey Guthrie, My Morning Jacket, Nathan Salsburg, Quailbones, R. Ring, Rachel Grimes, Randy Romans with Zach Barger and Jack Brackney, Randy WIlson, Rannygazoo, Ravenna Colt, Robert Gipe, Scott T. Smith, Secular Pets, Senora May, Seth Murphy, Silas House & Jason Howard, So It Was, Stephen McWhirter & Jason Clayborn, Teddy Abrams, TVLO, Warren Byrom & The Swells, Wussy"

A special holiday compilation for tornado relief in Kentucky
Kentuckians Ben Sollee and Daniel Martin Moore teamed up to rally an all-star cast of authors, musicians, and storytellers for a massive 50+ track album to raise funds for Kentucky tornado relief. With contributions from internationally-known artists like My Morning Jacket and Bonnie "Prince" Billy to local treasures like Heather Summers of The Other Years, the compilation album is packed with new releases, b-sides, live recordings, and bedroom demos that will delight music fans and collectors. Happy Hollerdays 2021 is available exclusively on Bandcamp for purchase as a digital download with all proceeds benefiting the Team Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund.

released December 20, 2021

Produced by Ben Sollee & Daniel Martin Moore
Associate Producer, Matthew Fritz
Mastered by Jordon Ellis
Artwork by Cricket Press
Layout by Ben Sollee

Happy Hollerdays 2021 Live Performances
12/10 - Louisville, KY - Bomhard Theater
12/11 - Winchester, KY - Leeds Center for the Arts
12/16 - Hopkinsville, KY - Alhambra Theatre

All Proceeds From Digital Sales of the Album Go To Team Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund:

Contributing Artists:

Ben Sollee & Kentucky Native
Ben Sollee and Jordon Ellis
Billy McAfee
Blakeley Burger
Bonnie "Prince" Billy
Brian Schreck
Britton Patrick Morgan
Cheyenne Mize
Cornbread & Tortillas
Dan Dorff Jr.
Daniel Martin Moore
Dawn Landes & Wes Morehead
Floating Action
Gregory & Abigail Maupin with the cast of Kentucky USA
Happy Hollers
Heather Summers
Jason Tyler Burton
Jeremy Pinnell
Jeremy Ylvisaker with Shahzad Ismaily & Chico Perez
Joan Shelley
Joe Manning
Katie Toupin
Lacey Guthrie
My Morning Jacket
Nahan Salsburg
R. Ring
Rachel Grimes
Randy Romans with Zach Barger & Jack Brackney
Randy Wilson
The Ravenna Colt
Robert Gipe
Scott T. Smith
Secular Pets
Senora May
Seth Murphy
Silas House & Jason Kyle Howard
So It Was
Stephen McWhirter & Jason Clayborn
Teddy Abrams
Warren Byrom & The Swells
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Mr. White

John Prine's family and others associated with his record label, Oh Boy Records, have started a fundraiser for the Western Kentucky communities affected by the tornado outbreak. I'm including this link to it since one of the communities was in my county of Muhlenberg (as referenced in the song "Paradise"). I ordered one for me and one for my brother. I hope some of you John Prine fans (and especially those who live in Kentucky) will purchase one or two or three of these $25 shirts. They come in UK Blue. The black ones he used for the tornado relief efforts back in March of 2020 that struck Nashville, that later became a combination tornado relief and Coronavirus fundraiser right after John became ill, were really cool. I got 4 and gave a couple to my brother.
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Some interesting links Mr. White thanks for sharing.  Loving the music compilation!

We had a friend drive up for a visit from just north of Memphis.  She drove up through Reelfoot Lake to Western Kentucky Parkway which of course is right in the path of this disaster.  She said the most shocking part of the drive was how long and far the damage extended.

Saw a story today that the bald eagles are coming back to Reelfoot Lake which is good news indeed although I would think they are going to have to build new nests.  For anyone that has never been to Reelfoot Lake all I can say is it's definitely worth the trip.