2022 RSD Release: Live From RCA Studio A (Jim James Acoustic)

Started by Come Closer, Feb 16, 2022, 01:55 PM

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Come Closer

Come Closer

Seven tracks from the latest self-titled My Morning Jacket album recorded solo at the famed RCA Studios in Nashville by Jim James.

1. Complex
2. Never In The Real World
3. Lucky To Be Alive
4.In Color
5. Regularly Scheduled Programming
6. Love Love Love
7. Out of Range

Jackets N Pones

Here it is, in its entirety, our cover of ELO's Telephone Wire



Apologies if this isn't kosher to ask, but...

anyone got this digitally?


Cuz it's been so long since someone shattered me.

Come Closer



FYI This release isn't coming out until 6/18, so don't waste your time searching all over for it this Saturday.


The "Out of Range" finale is stunning. Really takes off. Interesting they dropped the Pt. 2.

After reading Jim's comments about this session, can't help to think about what could've been had it gone on as planned. Could Live Vol. 2 have ended up being a full live take of the new record, with an accompanying Danny Clinch-directed film? Or do you think it would've just been broken up for more late-night spots, like that take of "In Color" being used for Fallon?
Good luck comes from trying.


Yeah, same. Hoping to get a copy today.

Got it. DL card not working yet.


Oh man I love Out of Range, would love to hear this!


Waiting on the media to be available for the download cards. Kinda annoying. Wonder when it will get uploaded?



Given Danny Clinch's involvement in this, I wonder if the media for the download cards are being held until this performance is released in a video format, maybe?


i don't know about that.  someone should definitely e-mail them.


Hey, the MP3 download is now active.
If you get any hassle about 'code expired' or anything like that, DM me.
Please forgive the oversight.


it's only available in 320 mp3 right?  i just want to make sure - i know they don't usually offer lossless with these Jim James/MMJ download codes.